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Nipam Patel appointed director of the Marine Biological Laboratory - UChicago News

UChicago News
Nipam Patel, a leading scholar in modern evolutionary and developmental biology, has been appointed director of the Marine Biological Laboratory, an affiliate of the University of Chicago. In addition, Patel will be appointed as a faculty member at the ...

New degree program blends biochemistry and biology to solve modern problems - Indiana Daily Student

Indiana Daily Student
A new undergraduate degree program in molecular life sciences will begin fall 2018, connecting the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine and biotechnology. The program, a collaboration between the Department of Biology and the Department of Molecular ...

How synthetic biology can help world meet UN sustainable development goals - Genetic Literacy Project

Genetic Literacy Project
The agenda of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) challenges the synthetic biology community—and the life sciences as a whole—to develop transformative technologies that help to protect, even expand our planet's habitability. While modern ...

Canon BioMedical Inks US, Canada Distribution Deal for Molecular Biology Systems' PCR Platform - GenomeWeb

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Canon BioMedical announced today it is has signed an exclusive deal with Molecular Biology Systems to market and sell the Dutch firm's NextGenPCR thermal cycler instrument and consumables in the US and Canada. Canon will ...

Biology Department not set to offer most sections of general biology, human biology for Fall 2018 - Tiger's Roar

Tiger's Roar
In addition, a tenured faculty member retired in January 2018. Methven said, “The department made a decision to prioritize course offerings for Biology majors, which number more than 500 on campus.” As a result, the Biology Department is offering one ...

Products And Services - Online Services

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Products And Services - Online Services [ 121-140 of 168]

Online resource to generate primers for Ligation Independent Cloning of PCR products.

Graphical Codon Usage Analyzer

Displays the codon quality in two different ways, codon usage frequency or relative adaptiveness values. FAQ included.

Bioexplorer Toolbar
United States

A bioinformatics toolbar designed for IE and Mozilla browsers. It provides direct access to NCBI databases (PubMed, Protein, Nucleotide, and ...

Sequence Alignment and Modeling System
United States

Implementation of hidden Markov models for sequence analysis. Free UNIX software for nonprofit groups, and sequences can be submitted online.

WU-BLAST Archives
United States

Sensitive, selective, and rapid sequence database searching with gapped alignments - from Washington Univ.-St.Louis.


Commercial general homology search software significantly faster than BLAST.

Interactive Blast Query
United States

Utility for online manipulation of Blast results. Results organized in a table format.


Genome-Wide BLAST search for similarity searching against genes or proteins. Integrated with multiple alignments and phylogenetic tree capabilities.


Access to Smith-Waterman-based FDF sequence comparison program, with excellent explanation of when to use it vs. BLAST - from the ...


Formatting of multiple sequence alignments to a color postscript file. Can include graphical features by using PDB entry.

United States

NCBI's sequence similarity search tool designed to support analysis of nucleotide and protein databases.

SOL Genomics Network
United States

Integrated clade oriented genome database for the Solanaceae (tomato, potato, pepper, eggplant etc.) and other Asterids. Contains genetic maps, gene ...

Saccharomyces Genome Database
United States

Resource for genomic information on yeast, with tutorial on gene ontology, homology searches and comparisons. Includes links to tools, related ...

Rat Genome Database
United States

Contains rat genomic data such as genes, SSLPs, ESTs, QTLs, and strain information and tools such as vcmap, genome scanner, ...

Other Species Genome Databases and Servers
United States

A useful list of resources.


PhenomicDB is a multi-organism phenotype/genotype database. Users can compare the phenotypes of a gene over many organisms simultaneously.

Mouse Genome Informatics
United States

This site contains information on mouse genetic markers, mapping, phenotypes, mammalian homology and gene expression. All data are searchable through ...

United States

MaizeGDB is the community database for biological information about the crop plant Zea mays.

Human Genome Sequencing Center
United States

Provides direct access to the data computed on several organisms such as Rat, Mouse, Drosophila, and Bovine as it relates ...

United States

Iowa State University provides an assembly of the maize genome for download and tools for searching and viewing the assembly ...

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Products And Services - Online Services [ 121-140 of 168]