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Senior Wins Cell Biology Competition - Butler Newsroom

Butler Newsroom
Dube, along with labmate and senior biology major Amy Wasilk, attended the meeting in December with their research advisor, Assistant Professor of Biology Jennifer Kowalski. Both students presented posters on their research during the main conference ...

Biology makes women and girls survivors - ScienceNordic

Women outlive men in nearly all countries around the world today. Plenty of research backs this up and can explain many of the factors behind it, such as behavioural and biological differences between the two sexes. For example, men tend to consume ...

Beloved Texas A&M-University Corpus Christi biology professor, Wes Tunnell, dies - Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Corpus Christi Caller-Times
The scientific community is mourning the death of John β€œWes” Tunnell, a marine ecologist and biologist, historian, author and early orchestrator of the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Tunnell ...

New scholarship open to marine biology, environmental students - The Guam Daily Post

The Guam Daily Post
Students pursuing a career in marine biology or environmental science can apply for the More Like Jimmy Scholarship, which will award up to $4,000 per year, per student. An anonymous donor has pledged to award up to $10,000 in total awards each year, ...

Cryo tomography brings new life to the study of human biology at Yale - Yale News

Yale News
Soon after its 2017 installation at Yale's West Campus, the new Titan Krios Cryo-Electron Microscope β€” or CryoEM, the technology at the center of the growing 'resolution revolution' and the tool used by three recent Nobel Prize winners β€” is beginning ...


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Protista [ 81-100 of 486]
Himanthalia elongata
United Kingdom

Photograph and information on this brown seaweed, sometimes known as Thongweed, its habitat, description, general biology, taxonomy and reproduction.

Protist Images: Pandorina

Microscopic images and taxonomic descriptions.

The Mystery of the Foam on the Sea Shore
United States

Article by Wim van Egmond on the microscopic alga Phaeocystis, which forms part of the phytoplankton and is believed to ...

Protist Images: Ciliophora

Classifies ciliates and provides a large number of images of individual species. English and Japanese.

Aglaothamnion priceanum
United Kingdom

Basic information on this species which usually grows on Laminaria hyperborea as an epiphyte, also classified as Callithamnion decompositum.

United States

Information from Wikipedia on this order of green algae which have a variety of symmetric shapes which provide a basis ...


General information on this subclass of Apicomplexa with lists of the important species.

United Kingdom

Information of a number of filamentous algal species found in field studies in Scotland, with images of each.

Silvetia compressa
United States

Research project by Rhoda H. Lin provides plenty of information on this intertidal species which used to be called Pelvetia, ...

The Collection and Mounting of Foraminifera
United States

Information on how the amateur collector can find Foraminifera on the shore and can clean and mount them for display.

British Section of the Society of Protozoology (BSSP)

Provides meeting programs and abstracts from both their invited and contributed papers.

Ulva intestinali
United Kingdom

Photograph and information on this species, commonly known as Gut Weed, including its description, general biology, taxonomy and reproduction.

Ectocarpus sp.

microscopic image

Eyelash Weed: Calliblepharis ciliata
United Kingdom

Photograph and basic information on this species.

Myxozoan Network
United States

This organisation aims to link myxozoan researchers for the purposes of sharing knowledge and encouraging collaboration, and serve as an ...

UTEX: The Culture Collection of Algae
United States

This collection includes approximately 3,000 different species of living algae, representing most major algal taxa, many of which can be ...

Carpomitra costata
United Kingdom

Several photographs and information on this species, its habitat, description and key identification features.

Lycogala epidendrum
United States

Photographs of the wolf's milk slime mold.

Ciliophora: Protozoans that Move with Cilia
United States

Illustrations and information on about twenty species of ciliate, with microscopic images of many of them.


Several photographs of this species and information on its taxonomy, uses, range and references.

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Protista [ 81-100 of 486]