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More Pacific nations urged to support biodiversity efforts - Radio New Zealand

Radio New Zealand
More Pacific island nations are being encouraged to better protect their islands' biodiversity and associated traditional knowledge. Ever have the feeling that you are not where you want to be? Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades. The UN Environment Programme ...

Extinct Burrowing Bat Discovered, and It Was Giant - National Geographic

National Geographic
... land turtles, and several types of bird. (Read: "Antarctica Was Once Covered in Forests. We Just Found One That Fossilized.") On a section of what would later become New Zealand's South Island, an ecosystem of these diverse species clustered around ...
ZME Science

Make a day of it to see mother nature at her best -
There are no shortage of amazing trails and walks available in New Zealand. From quick jaunts to check out ancient flora and fauna to gruelling multi-day missions in the backcountry, there is just about something for anyone looking to escape to ...

Protura of New Zealand

Lincoln - New Zealand

Introduction, checklist, and biology.

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    Flora and Fauna - Animalia

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    Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua. New Zealand's foremost environmental research organisation. Home.
    Landcare Research - Manaaki Whenua is New Zealand's foremost environmental research organisation, specialising in sustainable management of land resources, optimising primary production, enhancing biodiversity, increasing the resource efficiency of businesses, and conserving and restoring the natural assets of our communities.


The characteristics of these creatures, their life cycle, feeding and habitat, with an illustration of Australentulus tillyardi.

United States

Introduction from the Tree of Life Project.

Japanese Protura

Checklist and key.

Proturans - Protura
United States

Illustrations and information on these minute soil-inhabiting hexapods, their distribution, description, life history and how to collect them.

United States

Systematic checklist.

Gordon Ramel's Protura Page
United States

An introduction to the biology, classification, and ecology of the Protura.

CordBank - New Zealand
New Zealand

New Zealand licensed cord blood collection, processing, and storage facility.

New Zealand Fungi
New Zealand

Images, photos, keys and lots of information on mushrooms in New Zealand

New Zealand Mollusca
New Zealand

Showcases checklists and pictures of recent species.

New Zealand Shags
New Zealand

Description of the shags or cormorants found in New Zealand.