Psilocybe cubensis/Psilocybe subcubensis

Houston - United States

Materia medica of the psychoactive mushroom used by natives of subtropical regions.

Psilocybe cubensis: Cow Patty Mushroom
United States

Research project by Drew Anderson on this psychedelic fungus, including its classification, habitat, reproduction, adaptations, nutrition, interactions with other species and effects on humans.


Provides a key to the European species, with photographs and the chacteristics of each species.

Psilocybe cyanescens
United States

Photograph and description.

California Fungi: Psilocybe
United States

A list of those species in this genus to be found in California with photographs of 4 of them.

Gallery of Psilocybe Mushrooms
United States

Paul Stamets provides a number of photographs of members of this genus with information on their habitats and characteristics.

Begonia cubensis
United States

General information and classification.

Bombacopsis cubensis
United Kingdom

Description of this tree, endemic to Cuba, with photographs of its form, foliage, flowers and bark.

Erythrina cubensis
United Kingdom

Description and several photographs of this species endemic to Cuba.