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Solution: 'Triumph or Cooperation in Game Theory and Evolution' - Quanta Magazine

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As nightrider showed, in this situation, the cheating A allele will flood the population and will become “fixed.” This can also be shown using a somewhat complex spreadsheet table that I will not reproduce here. Coincidentally, two subsequent Quanta ...

What Bacteria Can Tell Us About Human Evolution - Quanta Magazine

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For that reason, in recent years, researchers have paid much more attention to our “second genome”: that of our microbiota. Our microbiota are all of the microscopic organisms that live on and in us, playing a role in our digestion, training our immune ...

How Bacteria Help Regulate Blood Pressure - Quanta Magazine

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Some years ago, when Jennifer Pluznick was nearing the end of her training in physiology and sensory systems, she was startled to discover something in the kidneys that seemed weirdly out of place. It was a smell receptor, a protein that would have ...

Quanta BioDesign, Ltd.

Ohio - United States

Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. was founded for the purpose of developing and commercializing an extensive line of products for companies involved in drug discovery and diagnostic development programs. The company was founded in 1997 by Paul D. Davis, Ph.D. under the name BioOrganic Technologies, LLC. In the spring of 1999 the name was changed to Quanta BioDesign, Ltd., to better reflect the company’s mission.

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    Quanta BioDesign, dPEG, dPEG, discrete PEG
    Quanta BioDesign is a leading supplier of dPEG® used in modification of therapeutic macromolecules, linkers in antibody-drug conjugates, bioconjugation, and surface modification


    Drug Discovery - Peptide Synthesis - Nanotechnology

Quanta BioDesign,Ltd.
United States

Research and manufacturing company offering a full range of discrete polyethylene glycol pegylation reagents for applications in diagnostics, therapeutics, peptide synthesis, oligonucleotide synthesis and nanotechnology.

Biodesign International
United States

Catalog and specification of supplies of antibodies, antigens, such as aflatoxin alpha-2-macroglobulin, amphetamine annexin VI, atrial natriuetic peptide (ANP) and cGMP pharmaceutical services in Saco, Maine.