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EAU 2017: Systems pharmacology and quantitative proteomics for developing targeted triple therapy - UroToday

This study describes a novel approach combining systems pharmacology with targeted and quantitative proteomics for obtaining a list of candidate genes for subsequent short listing of triple target therapy. The study was performed on metastatic prostate ...

YSI's 2900D Biochemistry Analyser as a reference standard for blood glucose monitoring systems - Laboratory Talk

Laboratory Talk
YSI's next-generation 2900D biochemistry analyser is a laboratory instrument that employs the same biosensor technology as the YSI 2300, but is a non-IVD analyser. The YSI 2900 is intended for use in research, biotechnology and food-processing ...

Biology: EPA chief blows hot air in contradicting climate science - The Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch
In environmental biology, measuring anything with precision is a challenge. We pursue our science because it has so many moving parts. We can't measure precisely many influences that we nonetheless know shape the biological systems we study, ...
The White House

R&D Systems

Minneapolis, MN - United States

R&D Systems, a Bio-Techne brand, is an excellent source for complex and specific niche antibodies, ELISA kits, stem cell and flow cytometry products, and most other biotechnology-related type products. In addition, R&D Systems offers a variety of web resources, including pathway illustrations, online literature PDFs, and protocol information, among others.

PP Systems
United States

Manufacturer of portable photosynthesis/respiration measurement instrumentation, CO2 and H2O Infrared Gas Analyzers for lab and field, portable spectrometer, and environmental sensors.


Supplies instruments for in vitro fertilization procedures. Lists contact addresses. Based in Denmark.

R&D Systems
United States

Manufacturer supplying research tools and diagnostics for biotechnology and hematology. Includes catalog, and profile of company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Proteome Systems Ltd.

Specializes in interpretation of 2-dimensional gels, and developing point-of-care diagnostics in the areas of cystic fibrosis, cancer, infectious disease and aging. Includes alpha-amylase test, and research programs, with contacts in USA, Japan and headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

Correlogic Systems, Inc.
United States

Developer of software and support services to identify proteomic bio-markers and other complex biomolecular to the pharmaceutical, research and diagnostic communities. Based in Bethesda, Maryland.

NimbleGen Systems, Inc..

Offers custom microarray service, for any genome with quality data available, as well as standard arrays, including, human, yeast, fruit fly, rat and mollusc, and experiment design software, in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

BioMicro Systems
United States

Offers microfluidic biochip technologies for genomics, proteomics and diagnostics research. Includes details of microarray hydridization system, contacts for distributors and profile of company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

NimbleGen Systems, Inc.

Provides customized DNA microarray using provided design software

QuesGen Systems, Inc.
United States

The QuesGen platform is a comprehensive web-based solution designed specifically for configuring and managing clinical databases.

Oakleaf Systems
United States

Simulations of data based upon relationships presented in the journal Ecology, with 25 different simulations for each journal volume.