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Bonded by science: researchers describe their nerdy proposals -
Former marine biologist David Tamayo wanted to memorialize his proposal to girlfriend Carolina Muguruza, a neuroscientist, before he gave up science. “I was preparing what was likely to be my last paper and I realized it was now or never,” says Tamayo ...

College Notes - Times Herald-Record

Times Herald-Record
She is working on a Bachelor of Science degree in marine biology. More than 90 students at Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., will complete internships as part of their academic work in spring semester 2018. Rachel Tomik of Matamoras, Pa., a ...

Rapid evolution of a calcareous microalgae: Emiliania huxleyi ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Laboratory experiments are easy to control and reproduce but are insufficient to mimic the complexity of natural ecosystems. In contrast, experiments under real conditions in nature are much more complicated and difficult to control. Scientist have ...

Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature

Ashburn - United States

By Linda Lear.

Rachel Carson
United States

Her life and legacy. Includes biography, bibliography and Web links.

Rachel Carson
United States

Al Gore's introduction to the 1994 edition of "Silent Spring."

The Legacy of Rachel Carson
United States

Biographical details.

Rachel Carson Council, Inc.
United States

Environmental organization, founded in 1965 by Rachel Carson's colleagues, that seeks to carry on her legacy by informing and advising the public about the effects of chemicals on people, pets and the environment.

The Rachel Carson Homestead
United States

Carson's birthplace in Springdale, Pennsylvania. Includes information on Carson's life and works, a history of the homestead and visitor information.

Democracy Now!: Rachel Carson
United States

Carson's 1962 speech before the National Women's Press Club. Audio file (39:25) from the archives of the Pacifica Radio program Democracy Now!

Rachel Carson Homestead
United States

Includes information about the birthplace and childhood home of the author of Silent Spring. Also provides access to electronic information about her life and work.

Wikipedia: Rachel Carson
United States

Encyclopedia article.

Earth Observatory: Rachel Carson
United States

Biography and discussion of the effect of "Silent Spring." From the NASA Web site.

A Science Odyssey: Rachel Carson
United States

Short biography.