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In human cells, scientists find DNA that looks like a twisted knot instead of a double helix - Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
Laurence Hurley, a professor of medical chemistry at the University of Arizona who was not involved with the study, said the new paper is important for chemical biology and molecular therapeutics. He added that the new work lends credence to the idea ...
Live Science

New device uses biochemistry techniques to detect rare radioactive ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
Researchers are taking advantage of a biochemistry technique that uses fluorescence to detect ions to identify the product of a radioactive decay called neutrinoless double-beta decay that would demonstrate that the neutrino is its own antiparticle.

Beginner's Guide to Toxicology (Version 2.0) - Chemical Watch

Chemical Watch
In this newly updated eLearning course, you'll be given a solid introduction to toxicology by expert Laura Robinson. The course is designed to be as engaging as it is informative, utilising a rich mix of content types and representing exceptional value ...

Reader's Guide to The Double Helix

Providence - United States

Commentary and explanation to accompany the book by James Watson.

New Zealand

Chime-dependent tutorial which permits image manipulation to help understand the 3-dimensional form of the structure, from John Tweedie and Massey University, New Zealand.

Double helix: 50 years of DNA
United States

Articles, photos, and interviews from the journal "Nature" presented in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the description of the structure of DNA.


Photograph, classification, diagnostic features, habitat and distribution of common ivy.

Double-legged Cylinders
United States

Article by William Amos on millipedes, their many legs and their reproductive lives.

Double-Crested Cormorants: Phalacrocorax auritus
United States

US Fish and Wildlife Service discussion of conservation issues and concerns in North America. Includes recommended management action. [PDF]

United States

Includes distribution, diet, and reproductive information.

The HeliX group
United Kingdom

Introduction to the X-ray crystallographic work on nucleic acid and protein structure. Includes poster presentations, publications list and profiles of staff in the Cardin laboratory, University of Reading, England.

Hedera helix
United Kingdom

Information and photographs of the leaves and flowers of Ivy.

United Kingdom

Information on Ivy, its physical characteristics, habitat, medicinal and other uses, and its cultivation.

Helix Bioinformatics Group
United States

This is a research group within the Stanford Medical Informatics laboratory directed by Russ Altman, MD, PhD. We focus on the application of computational techniques to problems in molecular biology. We are particularly interested in (1) knowledge-based systems for supporting scientific computation (2) the representation and manipulation of structural uncertainty, (3) and the development of novel representations of structure that are useful for c