Biology News
Bonnethead Sharks Consume and Digest Seagrass -
A small coastal shark called the bonnethead shark (Sphyrna tiburo) eats copious amounts of seagrass (Thalassia testudinum) and has adaptations in its digestive system to process vegetation, according to new research. Leigh et al investigated the ...

Antoni Gaudí's First Residential Project, Casa Vicens, Is a Sight to Behold - Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest
When Antoni Gaudí was just 31 years old, he received his first residential commission: a summer home for stockbroker Manel Vicens i Montaner in the quiet village of Gràcia, just north of Barcelona. What he delivered in 1885—intensely linear, more ...

MetroWest Business Digest for Dec. 26, 2017 - MetroWest Daily News

MetroWest Daily News
As part of the company's ongoing support of maternal and neonatal health, AMAG Pharmaceuticals, of Waltham, announced it has awarded four grants totaling $300,000 to independent researchers in the field. The 2017 grant recipients were selected by an ...


Beverly - United States

Online tool which takes a DNA sequence and digests it with one example of each of the known Type 2 restriction enzyme specificities.

United States

The restriction enzyme database, from New England Biolabs.

Amateur's Digest, The

Bi-monthly publication for lovers of cactus, other succulents and caudiciforms; site includes sections on plant/seed suppliers, books for sale and information sharing.

Worm Digest
United States

Newspaper about worms and worm composting. Goal is to network people, information and resources in the use of worms for organic waste conversion and soil enrichment.

Orchid Digest
United States

Quarterly magazine promoting conservation and culture of orchids. Subscription available online.

Herp Digest
United States

Weekly published electronic newsletter about latest international scientific and conservation news on reptiles and amphibians.

Racing Pigeon Digest
United States

Information about the sport of racing homing pigeons, an index of articles, and awards listings. Published by Gene Yoes twice monthly.

Peruvian Digest Online
United States

Specializing in the Peruvian Paso horse breed.

Organic Pet Digest

Provides dog owners with information and advice about natural, holistic, as well as organic health care and nutrition.

GPigs' Daily Digest
United States

Offers archived articles.

Stem Cell Digest
United States

Provides summaries of relevant research in lay terms, categorized by type and disease. Also provides financial summaries of sector companies.