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LOCAL: Port Botany box trade down on empties - (subscription) (blog) (subscription) (blog)
Box volumes are down at Port Botany for June 2016 compared to June 2015 – however, it's not all bad news as a significant chunk was due to fewer empties. There were 87 vessel visits in June.

Evolution and cancer: A mathematical biology approach II - BMC Blogs Network (blog)

BMC Blogs Network (blog)
In 2010 Biology Direct published a collection of articles highlighting the various ways evolutionary mechanisms relate to cancer, and how these mechanisms can be modeled mathematically. This week we're very pleased to be launching a sequel to the ...

Not quite purple, but no longer red: Your vote matters this election season - Red and Black

Red and Black
“I never expected the race to be this close in Georgia,” said Madeline Lyons, a freshman marine biology major. “I always assumed Trump would be a sure thing in Georgia, but these recent polls have been refreshing. I am really against party loyalty, so ...

Red Box Direct

Carlow - Ireland

Distributor of instrumentation and software to life science researchers in the fields of neuroscience and physiology, imaging and microscopy, and analytical chemistry.

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    Scientific Research Equipment Sales | Red Box Direct
    Red Box Direct supplies scientific instrumentation for use in cell and tissue biology, and analytical chemistry.

Direct Ecology Ltd
United Kingdom

Independent ecological consultancy based in Dunblane, Scotland. Offers ecological survey, assessment and mitigation solutions, training workshops and expert witness work.

Biochemical Direct
United States

Supplier of a range of niche biochemicals to research institutions and universities.

Medical Products Direct
United States

We carry 4500+ medically related items, medical supplies, DME equipment and equipment for sale online with a large selection of many of the favorite mobility products. This would include 100+ models of wheelchairs, 100+ different walkers, 100+ different bath stools, 50+ different rollators, 50+ different shower chairs. We also carry many specialty lines of products that you just won't find at the local medical supply store such as the PVC shower

Mountain Gorilla and Rainforest Direct Aid

Supporting national parks and conservation projects for eastern gorilla populations.

American Box Turtles
United States

Information on the conservation and captive care of North American Box Turtles, Terrapene sp.

The Barn Owl Box Company
United States

General information about Barn Owls and supplier of lightweight, long-lasting plastic barn owl boxes.

Box Turtle Observation Project
United States

General behavior observations, pictures, advice on NOT keeping them as pets.

Western Box-Elder Bug
United States

Gives a brief description of the Hemiptera.

Introduction to Cubozoa: The Box Jellyfish
United States

Provides photographs and biological profiles of five of the 20 known species found in tropical and semitropical waters.


JavaScript program calculates the amounts of ingredients needed to do two-dimensional box titrations of various reactants in polmerase chain reactions.