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Red Bull's Cape Fear event called off at Botany Bay - The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald
An invitation-only surf event at Kurnell's Cape Solander has been called off due to dangerous waves measuring upwards of 4.5m. Event leader Justen Allport was taken to hospital for assessment after a wipeout at the end of a heat, but is in a stable ...
ABC Online
Highland County Press
Business Insider Australia
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As federal money lags, university research continues to invest in industry relationships - Red and Black

Red and Black
Before joining Merial, the animal division of global health giant Sanofi, Monica Figueiredo received her Ph.D. in physiology and pharmacology from the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. “The biggest challenge is that industry works at a different pace ...

Anatomy of an artwork: Jean Dubuffet's Garden Party - The Guardian

The Guardian
This is not the kind of gentle get-together that the title suggests. Instead, the scene is a muddled one in which the partygoers' cartoonish faces grimace or stare blankly, their bodies distorted or entirely absent. Painted in the red, white and blue ...

Red Kangaroos

Atlanta - United States

Brief information on Macropus rufus with pictures and links.

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    Flora and Fauna - Animalia

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    Red Kangaroos
    Information on the reproduction, breeding, habitat, range, diet, and behavior, as well as Red Kangaroo pictures and links.


    Red Kangaroos

Red Kangaroos
United States

Includes description, habitat, behavior, photos, and links.


Information on these mammals, their history and distribution, biology, the damage they do and their management.

Australia Now: Australia's Kangaroos

Some facts about kangaroos and their biology, their life and habitat, their management and use, and their harvesting for meat, skins, fur and leather.

United Kingdom

Very brief information on Milvus milvus in the UK.

United States

Information about the Red Colobus Monkey.

Red Algae
United States

Information from Wikipedia on these seaweeds, their place in the fossil record, taxonomy and classification.

Red Poppy
United States

Includes botanical information on the Common Red Poppy.


Describes the predators, habits, rabies epidemics, and life history of Red Foxes. From Environment Canada.

Red Kangaroo
United States

Australia's largest kangaroo.

Red Kangaroo
United States

Information from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.