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Scientists Examine Novel Options to Save Coral Reefs - Eos

Knowlton is a coral reef biologist and the Sant Chair for Marine Science at the Smithsonian Institution. She is also a senior scientist emeritus at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. “We are faced with a situation here even in reefs which ...

Visitors to Okinawa invited to be citizen scientists as tourism takes its toll on coral - The Japan Times

The Japan Times
“The divers and snorkelers showed absolutely no concern for the flora and fauna of the reef. Everywhere I looked, people were stepping on the reef and kicking and crushing fragile coral colonies.” The United Nations Environment Programme recommends a ...

Volunteers use oyster shells to protect park battered by Harvey - The Keene Sentinel

The Keene Sentinel
Lopez, who was visiting his girlfriend, a TAMU-Corpus Christi student studying marine biology, said he enjoyed wading into the bay that borders the park with the other volunteers to build a new oyster reef. “I was like, 'Hey, why not?' We don't have a ...

Reef Relief

Culver City - United States

Focuses on rigorous science to educate the public and lobby policymakers to achieve Conservation, Protection, and Restoration of coral reef ecosystems.

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    Reef Relief | Learn, Explore, Act Now
    Preserving and protecting living coral reef ecosystems.

United States

Personal diving account.

Reef Environment Education Foundation (REEF)
United States

Volunteer research program by recreational divers who take surveys of the world's coral reefs. About the project and its findings.

United States

Conducted research to understand why the Orca whales are dying.

United States

Reports on American Humane's work to rescue animals following Hurricane Katrina, the Texas Panhandle fires, and other disasters.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue
United States

A forum for matching rescued CBRs with loving, permanent homes.

Reef Systems

Company that produces artificial reefs.

Reef Check
United States

Trains volunteers to carry out reef check surveys -- online papers and manuals, details of sites and results.

Reef Resilience
United States

Information about building resilience into coral reef management strategies. A discussion forum, training resources, and useful publications are all provided.

Reef Tank, The
United States

Online community of reef hobbyists. Includes information on starting saltwater and reef aquariums, active message board, photo gallery, reviews gallery, chat, and more.

United States

Coral identification site offering a reefkeeping library, discussion forums, reef equipment reviews, picture gallery, and an online community to share questions and thoughts.