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Scientists fear land reclamation will harm ecology of south China waters and survival of iconic white dolphin - South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post
There are already around 30 projects ongoing in the Pearl River Delta, and they are all having an impact on the Chinese white dolphins – their survival and reproduction,” says Kenneth Leung Mei-yee, professor of aquatic ecology and toxicology at ...

Scientists: Social isolation is vital to evolution - Sky News

Sky News
"This in turn could affect responses to natural selection in terms of survival and reproduction, which has evolutionary consequences. For some species, it might even mean that temporary social isolation is favourable." As an example, the invasive cane ...

Critically Endangered Scimitar-horned Oryx Born at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute - Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release)

Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (press release)
A scimitar-horned oryx calf was born at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) in Front Royal, Virginia, June 30. The 22-pound female calf is healthy and doing well. She represents a major step forward for assisted reproduction in the ...


International Association for Sexual Plant Reproduction Research
United States

IASPRR aims to stimulate scientific research in the field of plant reproduction and related subjects and promote the application of ...

The Reproduction of Vorticella
United States

Walter Dioni provides anatomical details of this species and its reproduction, with animated and sequential photographs.

Biology of Reproduction
United States

Official journal of the Society for the Study of reproduction.

Human Reproduction
United Kingdom

Journal covering problems in the field of reproduction.

United Kingdom

Research into the evolution and ecology of reproduction, in particular, how animals allocate resources during reproduction and the impact this ...

International Association of Sexual Plant Reproduction Research
United States

Scholarly organization of researchers from academia and industry.

Reproduction and Reproductive Structures
United States

Outline with diagrams of the two fundamentally different sorts of reproductive bodies possessed by lichens, and the three main types ...

Molecular Human Reproduction
United Kingdom

A forum for molecular biologists in the field of human reproduction and embryology.

United States

An illustrated introduction to the lichens with information on their ecology and reproduction.

Breeding Fish
United Kingdom

Information on fish reproduction and the rearing of fry, concentrating on the species usually found in aquaria.

101 Ginkgo biloba

Touches upon their morphology, history, reproduction, ornamentation, and use in medicine.

Ginkgo biloba

Personal site with images and information about morphology, history, reproduction, ornamental use, and medicinal use. In French and English.

Bedford Stem Cell Research Foundation
United States

Biomedical institute which exists to conduct stem cell and related research for diseases and conditions which currently have no effective ...

Reproduction, Fertility and Development

Featuring original and significant contributions related to reproduction and developmental biology in humans, domestic animals, and wildlife.

SOS Rhino
United States

Part of the nonprofit Rhinoceros reproduction Program with objectives to focus worldwide attention on the endangered rhino.

United States

Transcript of an interview with Professor Robert Aldridge at the Science Show 2006 on snake reproduction and pheromone communication between ...

United States

Introduction to the cycads, their characteristics and reproduction.

Incredible World of Mammals
United States

Looks at their evolution, reproduction, senses, and classification.

Marbled Salamander Narrative
United States

Contains data on reproduction, habitat, conservation, and more.

United States

Images plus facts about this species' behavior, reproduction, and diet.

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