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Renowned neuroscientist Richard Huganir named Bloomberg Distinguished Professor - The Hub at Johns Hopkins

The Hub at Johns Hopkins
Huganir received his undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Vassar College in 1975 and his PhD in biochemistry and molecular and cell biology from Cornell University in 1982. That same year, he joined the laboratory of Nobel Prize-winning ...

Biology Student Links Clean Air Act to Red Spruce Recovery in Appalachia - Newswise (press release)

Newswise (press release)
After a 50-year period of declining growth of the tree species prior to the Clean Air Act, a new study by Justin Mathias, a biology Ph.D. candidate, and Richard Thomas, chair and professor in the Department of Biology, found that declining air ...

Richard Hartline - Indiana Gazette

Indiana Gazette
He was a Fulbright Teaching Fellow at the University of Malta, teaching biochemistry to health science students. After an accomplished academic career, Richard retired to Tucson where he enjoyed travel, studied cosmology, took up drawing and painting, ...

Richard, Yvan

Palmerston North - New Zealand

Postdoctoral fellow in ecology at Massey University, New Zealand. Research interests include fragmentation of habitats.

Owczarzy, Richard
United States

Online calculations of nucleic acid extinction coefficients, melting temperatures, and links to biophysics databases. Includes thesis, publications and contacts for commercial scientist in Coralville, Iowa.

Epand, Richard

Research description, publications and interests. From McMaster University in Canada.

United States

Graduate student at the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences in San Diego.

Richard Hahnloser
United States

Richard Hahnloser is doing theory on recurrent systems and songbird physiology.

United States

Professor of Biology at Lander University in South Carolina. Includes 100 descriptions of species used in invertebrate zoology teaching.

Taylor, Richard
United Kingdom

CV and contact information for researcher/director, with IT skills and PhD experience in formulating viral gene therapy vectors at Cambridge, England.

World of Richard Dawkins

Famous zoologist and don; coiner of the term "meme", and author of The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, and The Extended Phenotype.

Wikipedia: Richard Dawkins
United States

User-submitted article on Richard Dawkins, the ethologist and evolutionary biologist who put forth the theory of the selfish gene. Features bio, works, books, and his popular science writings.

United States

Provides illustrations and information on various species.

United States

Wolf sanctuary in Ohio. Includes information on wolf communication, pups, the pack and why wolves are endangered.