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Ed Boyden: A Neurobiologist Thinks Big — and Small | Quanta ... - Quanta Magazine

Quanta Magazine
By developing new tools for visualizing subcellular structure and activity in molecular detail, Ed Boyden advances on his goal of understanding how the brain.

UW Botany Professor Grows Plants In Space - Wisconsin Public Radio News

Wisconsin Public Radio News
Since the 1960s, scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have been studying how plants will grow in space. We talk with a Professor of Botany at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, who has been leading a research team to study the effects of ...

A marine biologist says a whale protected her from a huge shark ... - ScienceAlert

A 63-year-old marine biologist living on the Cook Islands got the thrill of a lifetime when a 20-odd-tonne humpback whale crowded into her personal space on a recent diving trip.

RNA Simplex: An Interactive Graphics Tool for Visualizing RNA Composition Space

Santa Fe - United States

Tool designed for the analysis of nucleotide base composition in RNA (or DNA) sequences.

United States

July 1-6, 2003; Vienna, Austria.

United States

Online resource from Ion Channel Media Group. Provides news, publication links, and citations of the recent literature relevant to RNA Interference research.

United States

Publishes significant original research in all areas of structure and function in eukaryotic, prokaryotic and viral systems. Articles back to 1997, available by subscription to the RNA Society.

United States

Journal featuring original research in all areas of RNA structure and function in eukaryotic, prokaryotic, and viral systems.

The RNA Society

Facilitate sharing and dissemination of experimental results and emerging concepts in ribonucleic acid research. Includes membership data, news and events, meeting calendar, and related links.


Custom synthesis of nucleotides, ribozymes, aptamers and siRNA, based on RNAi technology, in Leuven, Belgium.

RNA Analysis

Offers a number of online tools for calculating the specific heat of RNAs, the energy of RNA sequences, the distances of RNA secondary structures, and related queries.

United States

Provides an introduction to the classes of RNA polymerases, the mechanism of RNA polymerases, the processes of transcription, and related processes.

Wikipedia: RNA
United States

Provides a generalist introduction to ribonucleic acid (RNA), how it differs from DNA, its role as a messenger, and other facts.

The RNA Webring
United Kingdom

Links together laboratories with an interest in any aspect of RNA function and metabolism. Included is a search engine to help find RNA-related information.