Sahara Meteorite Prospecting

Fort Lauderdale - United States

Meteorites, Sahara, desert expeditions, photos. Educational and informative web site

Trade-offs Between Extraterritorial Prospecting and Helping in a Cooperative Mammal
United Kingdom

Researchers at Cambridge University investigated whether male meerkats trade off their cooperative contributions to pup feeding against searching for mating and dispersal opportunities. [PDF]


Information on the physical features, drainage, climate, plant and animal life, as well as the people who live in the Sahara. Published by The Living Africa.

The Sahara Desert
United States

School project on the Sahara Desert, with information on climate, current issues and photos.

Threats to the survival of plants native to the Sahara Desert

Article describing the environmental degradation that has taken place in the Saharan regions, and how it can be overcome.