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Northwestern receives $10 million grant to fund quantitative biology research - Daily Northwestern

Daily Northwestern
The grant was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Simons Foundation. It will establish the NSF-Simons Center for Quantitative Biology, which will focus on collaborative research in mathematics and molecular, cellular and organismal biology.

'Living fossil' giant salamander heading for extinction - BBC News

BBC News
"The overexploitation of these incredible animals for human consumption has had a catastrophic effect on their numbers in the wild over an amazingly short time-span," said study researcher Dr Samuel Turvey of the Institute of Zoology at the Zoological ...
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From 3D Printing to Zoology Camp - columbusunderground

The camps focus on a variety of topics such as coding, 3D printing, robotics, zoology, and more. Check out some of their upcoming programs! Connect with Blossom Scholastic in The Giving Store. Better Together, The Columbus Foundation's crowdfunding ...

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Ardmore - United States

Information and links to research, grants, and extension activities in agriculture, forage biotechnology, and plant biology.

Diospyros texana (The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation)
United States

Photographs and descriptive information about the Texas persimmon.

Diospyros virginiana (The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation)
United States

Photographs of and descriptive information about the American persimmon (Diospyros virginiana).

Noble Foundation Plant Image Gallery
United States

A plant identification resource that covers more than 630 species of trees, grasses, and forbs native to the southern Great Plains.

W. Mark Roberts, Consultant
United States

International consultant to NGOs, government, academia and industry. Expertise in research and analysis of biological information, biodiversity, endangered species, and wildlife problems. Based in Canada.

NATURE: Wild Horses of Mongolia With Julia Roberts
United States

Offers a vivid portrait of Mongolia's nomads and their steeds, the descendents of the last truly wild horses on earth.

Operation Noble Foster
United States

Coordinating the cat foster for military pets using a private interactive, searchable database listing homes volunteering to foster and rescues with such foster homes available.

Abies procera (Noble Fir)
United States

Describes physical characteristics and provides photos of mature tree, fruit, bark, and leaves.

United States

Habitat, native range, climate, associated forest cover, and detailed facts on reproduction and growth. Discusses human uses and genetics.

Vultures: Nature's Noble Caretakers
United States

Profiles Old and New World species.

DJ&T Foundation
United States

Provides grants to qualifying clinics in the United States which provide free/low cost spaying and neutering to fight animal overpopulation. Established by game show host Bob Barker.