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Healing Mind and Body through Botany at Puerto Viejo de Limón - The Costa Rica News

The Costa Rica News
It is interesting to know that there are specialists in the field of botany, whose main objective is to teach others to describe, classify, and identify everything related to the environment. “Afro-botanic” is a group made up of people who teach how to ...

COLUMN: Find treasure in North Carolina parks - Hickory Daily Record

Hickory Daily Record
Species of flora and fauna differ from park to park. Climate is a factor, but soil can make a big difference. The amounts of water and rock formations attract some kinds of plants and animals better than others. Wide meadows are home to some species of ...

Superheroes Onscreen: The Evolution of an American Ideal - New York Times

New York Times
... aesthetics and technological capabilities — a way to track the growth, and occasionally the regression, of a nation, one spandex costume at a time. The 16 films and TV shows below are a guided flight through the evolution of this modern-day pantheon.

Scientific American Frontiers: Make Up Your Mind

Arlington - United States

Follows scientists as they look into the brain's frontal lobe as the seat of personality and try to determine which parts of the brain play a role in the decision-making process.

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    Anatomy - Nervous System

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    Scientific American Frontiers . Make Up Your Mind | PBS

Scientific American Frontiers
United States

Learn more about the fascinating human brain and uncover startling new evidence of our brain's ability to change, plus, take a virtual tour of the famous organ.

Scientific American Frontiers: The Gene Hunters
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Features various scientists and their research in gene therapy, DNA, and human disease.

Scientific American Frontiers: Chimp Minds
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PBS program examines how our primate cousins, the chimpanzees, think and learn.

Scientific American Frontiers: Falling in Love With DNA
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Dr. Nancy Hopkins discusses her work in molecular biology.

Scientific American: Mind and Brain
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A wide range of articles on neuroscientific topics.

The Dual Mind: Which Part of Your Mind Dominates Your Brain? | The Thinking Blog ~ Knowledge Grows When Shared
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Blog entry discussing right/left brain dominance, how it affects individuals, and how you can find out which side you are on.

Scientific American: Where Are They?
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Maybe we are alone in the galaxy after all.

Scientific American: Biology
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Provides news and research articles on a wide range of biological topics.

Cloning - Scientific American
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Latest cloning news, opinion, podcasts, slideshows and videos from Scientific American.

Scientific American - Biotechnology
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Scientific American, the oldest continuously published magazine in the U.S., has been bringing its readers unique insights about developments in science and technology for more than 160 years. Read about the latest research and developments in biotechnology from the technology and health experts at Scientific American Website.