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Theralase Partners with CiToxLAB for Toxicology - MarketWatch

Dr. Arkady Mandel, Chief Scientific Officer stated that, "I am pleased that we have partnered with CiToxLAB in the completion of our preclinical toxicology and safety pharmacology. Their organization is able to provide the required scientific and ...

An evolving evolution marks 'Science Guy' work - Roanoke Times

Roanoke Times
A large segment of the American public accepts creationism as an alternative hypothesis to the theory of evolution in spite of growing scientific evidence to the contrary. Inside the scientific community, nearly all scientists accept Dobzhansky's ...

A Fine First Finding of Darevskia - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
He has been blogging at Tetrapod Zoology since 2006. Check out the Tet Zoo podcast at! Follow on Twitter @TetZoo. More ». Darren Naish is a science writer, technical editor and palaeozoologist (affiliated with the University of Southampton, UK).

PhD Scholarships in Molecular / Behavioural Pharmacology - Scientific American

Scientific American
We are the main centre of drug expertise in Tasmania by conducting quality research in a range of different areas of drug science, including pharmacology. The Pharmacology Research Group is the main laboratory group at the Division of Pharmacy and is ...

James Earl Jones hosts new "In America" feature on Botany - PR Web (press release)

PR Web (press release)
Botany is commonly described as the scientific study of plants, though in reality it is actually quite a bit more complicated than that. Scientists and other professionals study a wide range of different types of living organisms, from the smallest ...

Postdoc Research Associate - Molecular Oncology - 29222 - Scientific American

Scientific American
The candidate should have a background in molecular biology, tissue culture techniques, as well as small animal handling. Various immunoassays (eg ELISAs, luminex, cytotoxicity, etc) will be performed, and the candidate should have some experience with ...

Why Don't Animals Get Schizophrenia (and How Come We Do)? - Scientific American

Scientific American
The study, led by Mount Sinai researcher Dr. Joel Dudley, proposed that since schizophrenia is relatively prevalent in humans despite being so detrimental—the condition affects over 1% of adults—that it perhaps has a complex evolutionary backstory ...

Scientific Names
United Kingdom

Searchable database providing scientific names for many plants and animals.

Birds of the World
United States

List of current valid scientific avian names subdivided by order and family, based on the Sibley and Monroe and AOU ...

Desert Bats
United States

Includes color photos, scientific names, common names, description, behavior, range, habitats, and life cycle.

Sorting Phaseolus Names

scientific and common names of many bean species in several world languages.

Names of North American Amphibians and Reptiles
United States

Translations of scientific names, list of description citations and data of persons honored in the nomenclature.

LepIndex - Global Lepidoptera Names Index
United Kingdom

An online, updated version of The Natural History Museum's card index archive to the scientific names of the living and ...

Kid Territory: Why Do Animals Have Scientific Names?
United States

Learn all about the meanings, origins, and purpose of scientific animal names with a kid territory article from the San ...

Multilingual Bird Search

Translates world bird names between several languages, including scientific names. Includes photo gallery.

Bow Wow Meow

Offers a pet names database that gives you the meaning and popularity of the name.

Australian Insects Common Names

List of standard common and scientific names with distribution maps, images, and notes. Popular Dog Names

Features a list of the most popular pet names for both male and female dogs, based on the site's statistics ...

Pet Names Directory
United States

Lists male, female, non-gender specific, and reader-submitted names.

Dog Names
United States

Searchable database and list of over 6,000 popular names with meanings including categories such as female, male, and German dog ...

A Zillion Names to Name Your Dog
United States

Single, registered, matching, double, and triple dog names. Submit your own ideas.

M.M.P.N.D. - Sorting Mangifera names

Lists the better known species, together with alternative botanic names, and common names in a number of different languages. Pick-a-Name
United States
Australian Insects Common Names

Online taxonomy database, based on the CSIRO Handbook of Australian Insect names, featuring common and scientific nomenclature, distribution maps, and ...

DesertUSA: Cicadas
United States

Description, life cycle, and behavior of cicadas found throughout the Mojave, Great Basin, Chihuahuan, and Sonoran deserts.

Dog Pet Names and Meanings
United States

Got a dog or puppy still waiting to be named? Find male and female dog names and their meanings.

United States

Description and biology of scorpions from Desert USA.

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