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The Soul of My Pedagogy - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
I have and will always love marine biology (the object of my PhD pursuit), but teaching taught me the difference between simply loving something and being so passionate and driven by an activity that it becomes your calling. In the narrow world of STEM ...

Raptors Once More (Raptors, Part 2) - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
If you read the previous article you'll know that my aim here is to review (briefly) the diversity and evolutionary history of accipitriform raptors, the group that includes vultures, hawks, eagles and their kin. In this second article we look at the ...

A Meditation on the Anatomy Lab - Scientific American (blog)

Scientific American (blog)
Perhaps the most poignant moment of anatomy lab is the moment we expose the cranial nerves. They look as if they were painted with the thinnest of brushes, tattooed like fine meshwork in clean white ink. Beautifully spun. Delicate. Tiny tendrils of ...

Scientific Publications (PDF files)

United States

Papers in PDF format on cell- and neuro- biology.

Scorpion Files

Discusses various scorpion-related topics, including photos and information of scorpion species from around the world, including those of medical importance. Contributors include systematists, ecologists, and enthusiasts.

United States

Information regarding firefly biology, resources, and activities.

DNA Files, The
United States

Join host John Hockenberry on a radio journey through the world of genetics. Listen to excerpts from the programs.

Crocodile Files, The
United States

Crocodile facts and classic myths from OneWorld Magazine.

United States

Information on firefly biology organized into three major areas: facts, resources, and fun.

OneWorld Magazine - The Crocodile Files
United States

The Crocodile Files explores the facts and the myths about the world's most fascinating reptiles.

Bird Song Files: Selected Species
United States

Provides samples of the White-eyed Vireo, Bell's Vireo, and Jamaican White-eyed Vireo songs.


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Mactode Publications
United States

Offers educational resources on CD-ROM about nematodes, plant-parasitic insects, and disease-causing fungi.

United States

Database of publications used to verify the entry of publication names in the Harvard Herbaria catalog.