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Students Name Jaeckle Professor of the Year - Illinois Wesleyan University

Illinois Wesleyan University
A native of Mill Valley, Ca., Jaeckle received a bachelor of arts degree in zoology from Humboldt State University in Arcata, Ca. and a doctorate in biology from the University of Southern California. For next year's election, Student Senate announced ...

Pravin Varughese's family reacts to toxicology report, starts petition - Morton Grove Champion

Morton Grove Champion
Niles West graduate, Morton Grove native and former student of Southern Illinois University, Pravin Varughese, was missing for nearly a week before he was found dead in Carbondale. A recent toxicology report came back negative, which left family and ...

SIU student Pravin Varughese's toxicology results come back negative - Morton Grove Champion

Morton Grove Champion
Morton Grove native Pravin Varughese's toxicology results show no alcohol or drugs were present in his system at the time of death in Carbondale. NBC reports: The body of Pravin Varughese, a 19-year-old sophomore from Morton Grove, was discovered ...
NBC Chicago
The Southern

Scorpions of Southern Africa

Maidenhead - United Kingdom

Information about scorpions in Africa south of the Zambezi River.

New Insect Order Found in Southern Africa
United States

Description and image of an insect discovered in Namibia that resembles a cross between a stick insect, a mantid, and a grasshopper.

South Africa

The Society was founded as the Electron Microscopy Society of Southern Africa (EMSSA) in 1962 and became a formal member of IFSEM (the International Federation of Societies for Electron Microscopy) in 1966. The primary objectives of the Society are bullet to further microscopy in the broadest sense in all branches of science bullet to facilitate communication and co-operation between microscopists and with other scientists bullet to ac

European Southern Observatory: Hunting Mirages in the Southern Sky

Discusses the pursuit of cosmic mirages.


The characteristics of these creatures, their life cycle, feeding and habitat, with illustrations.

United States

Description and biology of scorpions from Desert USA.

South Africa

Photographs and general information including classification, habits and behavior and reproduction.

European Scorpions
United Kingdom

Information and images of scorpions found in the UK and the continent.

Pseudoscorpionidae: False Scorpions

An introduction with illustrations of Synsphyronus niger and Synsphyronus absitus.

Larval Orientation in Scorpions
United States

Warren Savary's technical article about the way scorpion moms carry their babies.

United States

Scorpions are among the most feared animals. Luis F. de Armas explains some of the misconceptions about them and provides some interesting records and data.