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Review: 'Anatomy of a Genocide,' in its focus on one town, is a landmark of Holocaust literature - The Providence Journal

The Providence Journal
Brown University Prof. Omer Bartov masterfully researched and hauntingly rendered history of atrocities committed against — and by — the religiously and ethnically mixed former residents of a place that today is part of Ukraine. “Anatomy of a ...

Controversial badger cull to stamp out tuberculosis in cattle could be extended for the first time - Daily Mail

Daily Mail
Prof Rosie Woodroffe, senior research fellow at the Institute of Zoology, within the Zoological Society of London, said: 'Defra is considering licensing more than 10 new areas a year, so the total cull zone would start to engulf entire counties, and ...
Times & Star

Accurate model of how aggressive cancer cells move and spread - Science Daily

Science Daily
Prasad Dhurjati, a chemical engineer who has done extensive computer modeling of biological and engineering systems, and Prof. Deni Galileo, a neurobiologist whose expertise is in cell motion and behavior in the brain, has produced a new and freely ...

Scott, Prof. O. Tacheeni

Northridge - United States

Overview and references for research on acyl lipids of cyanelles from Glaucocystis nostochinearunm, and peptidoglycan envelope in the cyanelles of Glaucocystis nosto-chinearum.

United States

View various sagittal or horizontal MR images of Dr. Koch's brain.

Prof. Chuck Holliday's Cicada-Killer Page
United States

Includes photographs, life cycle, publications, and species.

Computational Structural Biology - Prof. Amedeo Caflisch Research Group

Developing of computational methodologies and software tools for the study of protein folding, misfolding and aggregation as well as structure-based drug design.

Scott Aquarium
United States

Walk on the bottom of the ocean and come nose to nose with sea turtles as sharks circle above you in the 70 foot shark tunnel. Discover polar regions, temperate oceans, coral reefs and the Amazon exploring the largest aquarium in a zoo, the Scott Aquarium. From Antarctic penguins to colorful warm water fish, you will observe the magical world of underwater life.

Scott and Piglette
United States

My guinea piggies and their family.

Miller, Scott E.
United States

Systematics, biogeography, and ecology, focusing on moths and beetles. Curriculum vitae, articles, and links.

Scott's Botanical Links
United States

Collection of sites emphasizing botany education and resources for advanced high school and college students.

Dr. Scott Russell's Botanical Links
United States

Variety of informative, up-to-date, plant-related links from the Univ. of Oklahoma.

United States

Scott provides information on his research which deals mainly with the use of molecular biology to understand evolutionary processes, especially the evolutionary history of immune system genes at the macro- and microevolutionary levels.

Eugenie Scott - Evolution and Providence
United States

Video of lecture on how to teach evolution.