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Price Visit to Beaufort Includes a Sea Tour and Lessons in Marine Biology - Duke Today

Duke Today
Duke President Vincent Price and his wife, Annette, made their first visit to the Duke Marine Lab this past weekend and met with Duke faculty and students to get a close look at marine research on the coast. The Prices also met with local officials and ...

The critically endangered giant sea bass is making an encouraging but fragile comeback off Southern California - Herald-Mail Media

Herald-Mail Media
With more than 1 million dives logged annually in California, makers of the website hope it will help with the recovery of the species by identifying their spawning grounds, calculating how far they move, determining whether they inhabit protected ...

Orca whales stun whale watchers as pods splash through the waters off Botany Bay - St George and Sutherland Shire Leader

St George and Sutherland Shire Leader
About 50 killer whales were spotted in the waters off Botany Bay yesterday, July 12. Photos of the incredible sight were posted on Go Whale Watching Sydney on Facebook. Whale watchers on the boat tour about six nautical miles out to sea found ...

Sea Squirts: our Distant Cousins

Sunnyvale - United States

Article by Wim van Egmond on the life cycle and development of these Ascidians with several photographs.

Our Not So Distant Relative
United Kingdom

Article from Guardian Unlimited about the new hominid species discovered in 2004.

United States

Two-week expedition aboard the R/V Seward Johnson to explore the Straits of Florida in search of organisms that produce chemicals with the potential to cure diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's.

United States

Photo of a pycnogonid; information about Anoplodactylus evansi, a generalist predator of small opisthobranchs. From Sea Slug Forum.

Sea Hare Predators - Pycnogonids (Sea Spiders)
United States

Article from the Sea Slug Forum.

Orientation and Open-sea Navigation in Sea Turtles
United States

Article from the Journal of Experimental Biology.

United States

2004 mission to study the fantastic life forms of four alien landscapes in the Gulf of Mexico up to 3,000 feet deep.

Sea Otter
United States

Article provided by the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Library describes the ecology and conservation history of the species.

Sea Otter
United States

Find photos, species description, ecology, information on the fur trade and current status.

Sea Turtles
United States

Physical characteristics, nesting habits, behavior, diet, and natural history of sea turtle. From the Seaworld Education site.

Sea Challengers
United States

Family owned publishing house which produces Dave Behren's popular Pacific Coast Nudibranchs book.