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New cell therapy aids heart recovery -- without implanting cells - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
"I'm very excited about our promising results, and I believe that the cell-free therapy represents a step in the right direction for developing safe and effective treatments of the infarcted heart." The interdisciplinary team, which included ...

Incorporating natural processes to exploit ecological forces and drive recovery of coral reef ecosystems is ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
The ecologists posit that restoration practitioners can control factors such as the density, diversity and identity of corals outplanted as well as site selection and transplant design to restore positive, or break negative, feedback processes -- and ...
The UCSB Current

Feds: Removing shipwrecks good for reefs -
The plots have remained CM free for at least 15 months, allowing native flora and fauna to regrow. That marks the first time that shipwreck removal was shown to have beneficial effects for reef recovery from CM, according to the USGS. “Scaling up the ...

Seagrass Recovery

Fort Lauderdale - United States

Company dedicated to providing expertise on ecological restoration of damaged and degraded seagrass meadows.

United States

International organisation based in Australia promoting the assessment, monitoring, and conservation of seagrass meadows throughout the globe. Seagrass-Watch provides the methods and materials for community groups and conservation organisations to undertake seagrass monitoring activities within their local environment.

Mediterranean Seagrass Association
United States

Not-for profit association aimed at approaching seagrass issues throughout the Mediterranean Region and creating a communication network across Mediterranean countries. Sites contains details of future conferences, workshops and current news.

World Seagrass Association
United States

Network of scientists from around the globe interested in promoting the conservation and research of seagrass meadows. The world seagrass association provides a focal point for dialogue, knowledge transfer and research partnerships between scientists.

Seagrass Ecosystems Research Lab
United States

Information on the biology and ecology of seagrasses, current research projects, and classes taught by the Southeast Environmental Research Center at Florida International University.

Halophila johnsonii: Johnson's Seagrass
United States

Photograph and information on this species, including its taxonomy, description, habitat, distribution, life history, population biology, physical tolerances, community ecology and special status.


Provides information on Western Australian seagrass research for other researchers, resource managers, and the general public.

Seagrass Systems under Nutrient Loads and Grazing

Blog describing M. Christianen's research for a PhD project in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Sawfish Recovery Team
United States

Organisation planning to develop a recovery plan for the U.S. population of smalltooth sawfish. Information and photographs.

Kiwi Recovery Program
United States

Extensive information and images. Includes species descriptions, cultural importance, life cycle, habitat, evolution, and conservation efforts. Written for a wide audience.

United States

Enabling kiwi, New Zealand's national icon, to once again flourish in its natural habitat for generations to come.