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Zoology to the rescue - The Economist

The Economist
Adin Ross-Gillespie of Zurich University is a zoologist, not a physician. But his study of co-operative animals such as meerkats and naked mole rats has led him to think about the behaviour of another highly collaborative group, bacteria. He and his ...

New code may make 'turning off' cancer cells possible - Longview Daily News

Longview Daily News
The finding, published in Nature Cell Biology, represents “an unexpected new biology that provides the code, the software for turning off cancer,” says the study's senior investigator, Panos Anastasiadis, chair of the Department of Cancer Biology on ...
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Island Crisis News

Downers Grove South student studies marine biology in Bahamas - Suburban Life Publications

Suburban Life Publications
Meyer, a senior at Downers Grove South High School, took part in the Shedd Aquarium's annual High School Marine Biology program, which includes a one-week research project in the Bahamas. Meyer said she stumbled upon the opportunity while looking ...

Senior Canine Rescue Society

Bellevue - United States

Dedicated to rescue, adoption and care of older dogs.

The Senior Dog House and Rescue
United States
DogWorks Canine Rescue
United States

Specializes in the rescue and placement of Doberman Pinschers and Greyhounds in the San Francisco Bay area.

Athens Canine Rescue
United States

Nonprofit, canine rescue organization.

Caleb's Canine Rescue, Inc.
United States

Nonprofit organization devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of Beagles.

Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue

Nonprofit organization dedicated to finding homes for dogs and puppies.

North Bay Canine Rescue & Placement
United States

Pulls mixed breed and herding dogs out of shelters and other at-risk situations and places them in safe, loving homes.

Canine Connections Breed Rescue Information Index
United States
Canine Agility Training Society
United States

With photos and links.

Mississauga Humane Society - Canine Division

Rescues dogs that are being mistreated or are scheduled to be killed due to lack of space and finds them loving homes.

Senior Dogs Project
United States

Information on caring for older dogs, why and how to adopt an older dog, and stories and photos about the bond between senior dogs and humans.