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Exercise regimens can and should be quantified - Arkansas Online

Arkansas Online
While you won't find this equation in many exercise physiology textbooks, it does provide a good sense of the total amount of work performed in a given strength-training session. Measuring cardiovascular exercise is easy enough, as one can choose to ...

Neurobiology: Finding one's way home - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
The new findings appear in the journal Developmental Neurobiology. The inner ear is not only essential for the sense of hearing, it also plays a crucial role in regulating balance and posture. Stimuli impinging on the inner ear are transmitted via ...

North Knox trails with a view: Sharp's Ridge improving - Knoxville News Sentinel

Knoxville News Sentinel
Some UT faculty and students will take an ecological inventory of the flora and fauna, and the KTOS will do a birding inventory β€” β€œto get a true sense of the lay of the land, what we need to protect or avoid,” said Evans. On the to-do list is creating ...

Sense of Direction

Princeton - United States

Article from the Princeton Weekly Bulletin outlining how Biologist Martin Wikelski is helping to settle the long-standing debate over how migratory birds manage to navigate in darkness and bad weather.

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    Zoology - Chordates

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    Princeton - Weekly Bulletin 05/03/04 - Biologist tracks down source of birds' reliable navigational system

Cell Sense

Australian stem cell collection, processing and storage company. Provides a company profile, information on stem cell technology and on diseases that can be treated with stem cells.

United States

Horse care solutions, forums, classifieds, articles, and tips.

Sense of Smell Institute
United States

Investigating the sense of smell and its importance to human psychology, behavior, and quality of life.

Why Cryosuspension Makes Sense
United States

A long article by Terry Grossman, reprinted from The Babyboomers Guide to Living Forever (2000).

Evolution Ecology: Providing Common Sense Solutions
United Kingdom

Ecological consultancy based in Staffordshire, UK providing a full range of protected species and habitat surveys.