Texas - United States

Sequilab - Setting the trend in Bioinformatics Research. A revolutionary concept in online research for life sciences, "Sequilab" is a virtual research lab for life scientists doing sequence analysis. Sequilab is a sequence-profiling portal with web 2.0 interactivity features built into it. It allows the user to directly link NCBI-BLAST results instantly to an inventory of sequence analysis tools like translate, ORF, CpG islands, View structure (Cn3D), mfold (for RNA) without cutting and pasting.

In addition to the seamless integration of BLAST results with sequence analysis tools, Sequilab also allows users to save the results of their research for later use and they can also create custom toolbars of particular tools that are used most frequently. If assistance is needed, researchers can discuss projects and with peers in the community forums if needed and share research interests via a personal profile. Additional information may be obtained from the web site.