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Study finds key to plant growth control mechanism - Purdue News Service (press release)

Purdue News Service (press release)
In findings published in the journal Current Biology, Szymanski described how microtubules and actin, protein polymers that form the cytoskeletons of plant cells, are organized to specify the mechanical properties of cell walls that define cell shape ...

Future Farm Provides Update on Its Cannabis Breeding, Biochemistry and In-Vitro Propagation Business Segment - GlobeNewswire (press release)

GlobeNewswire (press release)
The objective for the JV is to position the Company as a research leader in genetics, biochemistry and in vitro technology in the cannabis space. Research and development in St. John's will help shape the future of cannabis research thought leadership ...

Spiders Use Atmospheric Electricity to Fly Hundreds of Miles -
“Many spiders balloon using multiple strands of silk that splay out in a fan-like shape, which suggests that there must be a repelling electrostatic force involved,” said lead author Dr. Erica Morley, an expert in sensory biophysics in the School of ...

Shape of Enrichment, The

Los Angeles - United States

Quarterly publication dedicated to sharing ideas, inspirations, and practical knowlege of enrichment strategies for animals in zoological collections.

Shape of Life
United States

PBS eight-part series The Shape of Life reveals the dramatic rise of the animal kingdom through breakthroughs in scientific discovery.

Canopy Size and Shape Influence Evapotranspiration in Leucobryum glaucum
United States

Notes on research by Nicole Schneider on water loss in L. glaucum, with photograph.