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Evolution of Alpine landscape recorded by sedimentary rocks - Phys.Org

The current shape of the Alps with steep V-shaped valleys and torrents have evolved during approximately five millions of years. This time span might be perceived as very long, but it is a few seconds for geologists. This was the major outcome of a ...

How Evolution Can Make Sense of the Stock Market - The Atlantic

The Atlantic
In evolutionary thinking, understanding the history is important, too, she says. Appreciating the pressures that shape the organism into the way it is could help predict what will happen in the future. Like a virus that morphs to become resistant to an ...

Scientists find genetic switch that decides fate of embryonic stem cells - Indus Dictum

Indus Dictum
For normal birth or physical development of animals, regulation of their size, shape, and number of organs is very critical when embryo is developing. Researchers are trying to understand mechanisms that regulate this process. A team of researchers led ...

Shape of Enrichment, The

Los Angeles - United States

Quarterly publication dedicated to sharing ideas, inspirations, and practical knowlege of enrichment strategies for animals in zoological collections.

Shape of Life
United States

PBS eight-part series The Shape of Life reveals the dramatic rise of the animal kingdom through breakthroughs in scientific discovery.

Canopy Size and Shape Influence Evapotranspiration in Leucobryum glaucum
United States

Notes on research by Nicole Schneider on water loss in L. glaucum, with photograph.