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Anatomy of a big fight: How Joseph Parker played the odds to get in shape of his life -
Joseph Parker and Dillian Whyte show their style in a public workout in London ahead of their weekend matchup at the O2 Arena. Why not take a risk in Las Vegas? After all, what had happened previously had not produced the desired result on the ultimate ...

From Cradle to Grave: Model Identifies Factors that Shaped Evolution - UConn Today

UConn Today
“We had hoped to be able to model in the simulation the most fundamental processes that shape the geography of life on Earth,” says Robert Colwell, emeritus professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Connecticut, who led the ...

Study finds key to plant growth control mechanism - Purdue News Service (press release)

Purdue News Service (press release)
In findings published in the journal Current Biology, Szymanski described how microtubules and actin, protein polymers that form the cytoskeletons of plant cells, are organized to specify the mechanical properties of cell walls that define cell shape ...

Shape of Enrichment, The

Los Angeles - United States

Quarterly publication dedicated to sharing ideas, inspirations, and practical knowlege of enrichment strategies for animals in zoological collections.

Shape of Life
United States

PBS eight-part series The Shape of Life reveals the dramatic rise of the animal kingdom through breakthroughs in scientific discovery.

Canopy Size and Shape Influence Evapotranspiration in Leucobryum glaucum
United States

Notes on research by Nicole Schneider on water loss in L. glaucum, with photograph.