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Photos: Finally, an Indian agency has recorded the stunning biodiversity of the Sunderbans -
The salinity profile, which is critical for the existence of mangroves, is increasing and adversely affecting the biodiversity in the region. Rapid urbanization, unregulated tourism, and cement construction on coasts are also taking a toll. “The ...

As if it isn't spooky enough — it's 'Sharktober' - Maui News

Maui News
Pregnant females of other shark species effectively starve themselves to nourish their pups, Carl Meyer, assistant researcher at the University of Hawaii's Institute of Marine Biology, wrote in 2015. And, while scientists don't know whether this occurs ...

UC Santa Cruz to dedicate new Coastal Biology building on October 21 - UC Santa Cruz (press release)

UC Santa Cruz (press release)
coastal-bio1-410.jpg The new Coastal Biology building on the Coastal Science Campus houses the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. (Photos by C. Lagattuta) coastal-bio2-410.jpg younger-lagoon-400.jpg Younger Lagoon Reserve occupies ...

On the move, launching extraordinary and innovative careers -
Southeast marine biology major Noah McCarter recently interned with White Shark Africa in Mossel Bay, South Africa. Southeast Missouri State University opened the fall 2017 semester with a record high retention rate and with its students doing all it ...

These Are The Most Amazing Photos From The Royal Society of Biology's 2017 Photography Competition - IFLScience

The Royal Society of Biology's (RSB) Photography Competition has seen over 600 entries this year. Only two have been shortlisted in the Young Photographer of the Year award, whilst there are 11 finalists in the Photographer of the Year award.

Grey's Anatomy Is The Latest Show To #TakeAKnee - Refinery29

Now, his message is being spread by the X-Files, Star Trek: Discovery, and Grey's Anatomy. Cast members from each of these shows posted photos of themselves kneeling in solidarity with Kaepernick's message. Shonda Rimes, creator of Grey's Anatomy, ...

Even Russell Westbrook Is Surprised by His Style Evolution -
Russell Westbrook's enthusiasm for style is infectious. He's someone who genuinely loves getting dressed, something I learned while working with him on the book Russell Westbrook: Style Drivers, a coffee-table sized mix of photos, quotes, and essays ...

Shark Photos
United States

shark photos, information, history, and myths.

European Basking Shark Identification Project (EBSPIP)
United Kingdom

Including information on the photo identification project, history, photo gallery, and more.

Shark Trust
United Kingdom

Promotes the study, conservation, and management of sharks, skates, and rays in the U.K. and internationally.

Sharks, Shark Pictures, Shark Facts - National Geographic
United States

Learn all you wanted to know about sharks with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

How Sharks Work
United States

Tutorial with a jaw animation and photos.

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation (PSRF)
United States

Nonprofit organization dedicated to researching and conserving sharks and rays along the Pacific Coast.

State of the Shark Map
United States

Interactive world map documenting shark populations, unprovoked shark attacks, and notable shark discoveries. From the Discovery Channel's shark Week.

Shark Conservation
United States

Provides information on shark species, research and conservation projects, and diving.

Canadian Shark Research Laboratory

An information source on sharks and shark fisheries in Atlantic Canada (English and French)

Shark Database

Take an interactive journey through the Orders of sharks. Search the shark Database for shark species and names, their degree ...

Shark Gallery: Cookiecutter Shark
United States

Profile of the small, slender, cigar-shaped shark that makes its home in warm waters.

Orectolobus ornatus

Description and photos of the shark also know as the Carpet shark and Ornate Wobbegong.

Shark Foundation

Supports the protection and preservation of endangered shark species and their natural surroundings.

Capt. Tom's Guide to New England Sharks
United States

Contains information and pictures on shark species found in New England waters.

South African White Shark Research Institute
United States

Dedicated to research on the world's greatest predator, and preservation of its environment.

United States

Offers a virtual shark classroom including photos, diagrams, and how to adopt a shark of your own.

Shark Foundation

Facts, images, and information on projects and activities organized by the foundation. In English and German.

Natal Sharks Board
South Africa

Service organisation that protects beach users in KwaZulu-Natal against shark attack and promotes international shark conservation and research.

Zoom Sharks - Enchanted Learning
United States

Features shark information sheets, printouts, classroom activities, shark dictionary, and more.

Shark Research Institute
United States

An international scientific organization dedicated to the conservation of sharks. Specializes in the study of whale sharks.

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