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Zoology review: a woman with a tail is a role model for outsiders in this rare gem - The Guardian

The Guardian
Jaws kept you waiting before you ever got a good look at the shark, and when it did pop up it took everyone by surprise. Zoology, a strange, sad Russian film about a woman with a tail, reveals itself fairly early, but its blunt arrival – a woman ...

Grey's Anatomy Photos from"Undo" - TV Fanatic

TV Fanatic
There's no way to be sure if she'll spill the beans, but tensions seem to be running high in the photos from Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 1. While there's no sign of them in these photos, Meredith will surely have her hands full when she discovers ...

How do shark teeth bite? Reciprocating saw, glue provide answers ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
A recent study sought to understand why shark teeth are shaped differently and what biological advantages various shapes have by testing their performance ...
The Exception Magazine

Learning to live with the great white shark - Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle
Grey seals are thought to be the main magnet for the predatory fish. A main source of food for the sharks, seals had been hunted to the brink of extinction along the US East Coast, but the introduction of the Marine Mammal Protection Act in 1972 ...

Watch shark teeth on saw blades gnaw fish - Futurity: Research News

Futurity: Research News
Sharks shake their heads rapidly when they bite their prey, so evaluating how teeth perform while in a side-to-side motion was critical to the study tests, which took place during a summer marine biology course at the university's Friday Harbor ...

How do shark teeth bite? Reciprocating saw, glue provide answers ... - UW Today

UW Today
The ocean predators use their buzz saw mouths to efficiently dismantle prey, ranging from marine mammals and sea turtles to seabirds and — as Hollywood ...

Catch and release: CSU alumni land Potts shark, then return it - Colorado State University News (press release)

Colorado State University News (press release)
Kiki, who majored in zoology, thought her sister Cammy MacMillan would like the shark because she's a fashion designer who loves oversized objects. MacMillan's collection includes an 8-foot-tall cell phone, large kitchen utensils, massive wine bottles, ...

Shark Photos
United States

shark photos, information, history, and myths.

European Basking Shark Identification Project (EBSPIP)
United Kingdom

Including information on the photo identification project, history, photo gallery, and more.

Shark Trust
United Kingdom

Promotes the study, conservation, and management of sharks, skates, and rays in the U.K. and internationally.

Sharks, Shark Pictures, Shark Facts - National Geographic
United States

Learn all you wanted to know about sharks with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

How Sharks Work
United States

Tutorial with a jaw animation and photos.

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation (PSRF)
United States

Nonprofit organization dedicated to researching and conserving sharks and rays along the Pacific Coast.

State of the Shark Map
United States

Interactive world map documenting shark populations, unprovoked shark attacks, and notable shark discoveries. From the Discovery Channel's shark Week.

Shark Conservation
United States

Provides information on shark species, research and conservation projects, and diving.

Canadian Shark Research Laboratory

An information source on sharks and shark fisheries in Atlantic Canada (English and French)

Shark Database

Take an interactive journey through the Orders of sharks. Search the shark Database for shark species and names, their degree ...

Shark Gallery: Cookiecutter Shark
United States

Profile of the small, slender, cigar-shaped shark that makes its home in warm waters.

Orectolobus ornatus

Description and photos of the shark also know as the Carpet shark and Ornate Wobbegong.

Shark Foundation

Supports the protection and preservation of endangered shark species and their natural surroundings.

Capt. Tom's Guide to New England Sharks
United States

Contains information and pictures on shark species found in New England waters.

South African White Shark Research Institute
United States

Dedicated to research on the world's greatest predator, and preservation of its environment.

United States

Offers a virtual shark classroom including photos, diagrams, and how to adopt a shark of your own.

Shark Foundation

Facts, images, and information on projects and activities organized by the foundation. In English and German.

Natal Sharks Board
South Africa

Service organisation that protects beach users in KwaZulu-Natal against shark attack and promotes international shark conservation and research.

Zoom Sharks - Enchanted Learning
United States

Features shark information sheets, printouts, classroom activities, shark dictionary, and more.

Shark Research Institute
United States

An international scientific organization dedicated to the conservation of sharks. Specializes in the study of whale sharks.

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