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Allogene Therapeutics Announces the Formation of its Scientific Advisory Board - BioSpace (press release) (blog)

BioSpace (press release) (blog)
Allogene Therapeutics, based in South San Francisco, announced the implementation of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB is made up of five leaders in oncology, immunology, drug discovery and development, and will consult on strategic and ...

Signalway Antibody LLC (SAB)

College Park, Maryland - United States

SAB is a professional manufacturer of phospho-specific antibody products, committed to provide high-quality antibody research tools for the global life science researchers. Currently, SAB researches and develops more than 4000 kinds of antibody products, covering cell signal transduction, cancer, stem cell, immunology, neuroscience, apoptosis, infectious diseases and other areas.

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    SAB | Signalway Antibody - Antibody & Bio-reagent Professional Manufacturer and Online Supplier
    SAB - Signalway Antibody, strives to supply a range of antibodies, especially phospho-specific antibodies for cell signaling transduction research, Methylated/Acetylated antibodies, proteins and other reagents for research with the best quality and competitive price. Discover more research tools for life science.


    Signalway Antibody - Sab - Cell Signaling - Phospho-Specific Antibody

Antibody Review - Antibody Search Engine
United States

Antiobdy Review is an antibody directory and search engine to help researchers find the most suitable antibodies for their work. The site provides an easy way to search and compare antibodies available from many commercial vendors, view antibody images and related publications.

Antibody Link

Antibody information database where antibodies are organized by the target protein UniProt id.

Antibody Shop

Specializing in immunoassays, immunodiagnostics, and antibody production.

Antibody Patterns
United Kingdom

Educational material for laboratory scientists, medical establishment and students. Provides genuine images produced with IgG immunoglobulin from patients with autoimmune disorders.

Antibody Questions
United States

Interface to introduce the various immunoassays in current use, production and purification methods, labeling and assay development, from a manufacturer, with worldwide distribution in Pierce Biotechnology, Inc., Rockford, IL.

The Antibody Resource Page
United States

Resource guide to antibody research and suppliers.

Alzforum: Antibody Directory
United States

Tables describing antibodies used in laboratories and from manufacturers, organised by antigen.

STATSARRAY - Antibody Array Analysis

Facing large magnitude of array data, optimal statistical analysis is required in order to produce high quality data. STATSARRAY provides experimental design consultation and bioinformatics services in a standardized manner for analyzing high-throughput array data (Gene Expression, microRNA, Cytogenetics, Antibody Arrays, etc.).

Absolute Antibody - Engineered Antibodies For All
United Kingdom

Absolute Antibody is a new company offering services in Antibody Engineering, Antibody Expression and Hybridoma Sequencing. In particular Absolute Antibody can change antibodies in the following ways: Subtype Switching, Species Switching, Isotype Switching and Reformatting into Fabs, F(ab')2 and Bispecific antibodies.

YenZym Antibodies - Custom Antibody Service
United States

Specialists in raising custom antibodies against problematic proteins including GPCR, channel proteins, and post-translationally modified proteins that require special epitope designs.