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North America Aircraft Carpets Market 2018 – Mohawk, Haeco, Desso, Botany Weaving, BACC, Lantal Textiles - Exclusive Reportage

Exclusive Reportage
This report focuses on the Aircraft Carpets in North America market, especially in United States, Canada and Mexico. This report categorizes the market based on manufacturers, countries, type and application. Aircraft Carpets Industry 2018 presents an ...

Latin America and International Day for Biodiversity - Natural Resources Defense Council

Natural Resources Defense Council
The research will focus on understanding the main threats to biodiversity, including deforestation and illegal trafficking of flora and fauna, and how to incorporate the country's biological riches into the productive matrix. Meanwhile, a three-year ...

Batman in Inishowen for Biodiversity Week - Donegal Now

Donegal Now
Biodiversity Week was a tremendous success in Donegal. One highlight was Aengus Kennedy of Nature North West's bat talk in Moville's Glencrow Hall. The event, funded by Bat Conservation Ireland, took place on Wednesday past and was titled, “Bats and ...

Silvics of North America

Sterling - United States

Compendium of research papers describing the characteristics and distribution of important broadleaf and coniferous forest trees of the United States and Canada, plus many of the native and naturalized trees of Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, and Hawaii. Compiled over several decades by USDA Forest Service scientists.

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    Botany - Dendrology

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    Silvics Manual Volume 1-Conifers and Volume 2-Hardwoods
    Silvics of Forest Trees of the United States, Agriculture Handbook 271, was the first comprehensive document of its kind in the United States. It was an edited compendium of research papers describing silvical characteristics of 127 trees; the papers had been independently prepared by specialists at U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service experiment stations. The original silvics manual took 10 years to complete and was published in 1965. Our store of silvical and related knowledge has markedly increased since that silvics manual was published 25 years ago. The Woody-Plant Seed Manual of 1948 was updated in 1974 and issued as Agriculture Handbook 450, Seeds of Woody Plants in the United States. New names were added to the literature in 1979 with Agriculture Handbook 541, Checklist of United States Trees (Native and Naturalized), which superseded Agriculture Handbook 41. In 1980, the 1954 Society of American Foresters' publication, Forest Cover Types of the United States and Canada, was revised. A six-volume Atlas of United States Trees (U.S. Department of Agriculture Miscellaneous Publications 1146, 1293, 1314, 1342, 1361, and 1410) added tree range maps of most major and minor tree species to the literature. It was both appropriate and timely, therefore, to revise the information in the original silvics manual and to add other native and naturalized trees to the compendium.


    Silvics - Tree Identification - Tree Characteristics - Hardwood - Conifers - Pine Tree - Deciduous Trees - Tree Leaves - Tree Leaf Identification - Leaf Shapes - Tree Types - Tree Manual - Tree Information - Tree Growth - Tree Yield - Tree Description - Native Tree Species - Tree Habitat - Geographic Tree Distribution - Scientific Tree Names - Common Tree Names - Native Trees - Naturalize Trees - Tree Compendium - Silvics Manual

Lichens of North America
United States

Information about lichen biology, lichens and wildlife, lichens and people, and the book of the same title, which was published in 2001.

United States

Attempt at a list of valid names for the spiders (Araneae) that occur in North America north of Mexico. Compiled by the American Arachnological Society.

Metalmarks of North America
United States

Distribution maps, species accounts, and photos of metalmarks (family Riodinidae) of the United States and northern Mexico.

United States

Illustrated annotated checklist.

Odonata of North America
United States

Lists dragonflies and damselflies of North America along with the English names established by the Dragonfly Society of the Americas.

United States

Systematic checklist.

United States

Systematic checklist.

Birds of North America
United States

A reference series on North American birds, with information and sample profiles.

Snakes of North America
United States

Complete list of species, with images and family descriptions.

Salvias of North America
United States

Checklist of all native and naturalized Salvias of the United States and Canada; notes on growing Salvias in North Carolina.