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Ancient bighorn sheep aren't that different from modern sheep living nearby in Montana, DNA shows - Ravalli Republic

Ravalli Republic
Instead, Lee had learned about 13 bighorn sheep skull caps and horn cores collected by former University of Montana Zoology professor Don Pattie from a Beartooth Mountains ice patch in 1962. Pattie, having no use for the skulls, which also included two ...


San Francisco - United States

An exhibition from the California Academy of Sciences examining the structure and diversity of skulls.

Spinning Skulls
United States

Provides hundreds of QuickTime VR object movies and close-up images of mammal skulls and teeth along with pictures, sounds and anatomical information.

Skulls: Structure and Function
United States

Though primarily designed to protect the brain, the architecture of an animal's skull can help scientists to deduce many of its dietary and social patterns.