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From chameleons to whip snakes: a macro look at the flora and fauna of Londolozi - Earth Touch News

Earth Touch News
Cradled in the game-rich bushveld on the western fringes of South Africa's Kruger National Park, Londolozi Private Game Reserve is probably best known for its big cats. But beyond the rosettes and tawny coats is a more secretive world seldom seen.

Animal flatulence lifts Virginia Tech researcher's book to NYT bestselling list - Roanoke Times

Roanoke Times
Caruso's co-author Rabaiotti, a zoology doctoral candidate at the London Zoology Society, was posed a question by her younger brother. He wanted to know if snakes farted, so she turned to Twitter, where she asked an expert. Caruso saw the tweet, and in ...

UNG biology professor featured in "American Snakes" book - Dahlonega Nugget

Dahlonega Nugget
Natalie Hyslop, associate professor of biology at the University of North Georgia, is considered a top researcher in the field of reptiles and amphibians. For this, the Suwanee, Georgia woman who has been at UNG since 2010 was featured in the recently ...


Wanaque, New Jersey - United States

Snakes-N-Scales is always looking to serve the elementary school community with more attentive service, reasonable prices and the most exciting animal assemblies and classroom programs anywhere! Everyone here has animal handling and/or teaching experience before they come to us. Each person must go through a training period with our owner, 26 years experienced, Herpetologist, Bill Boesenberg to be sure that everyone can easily and safely handle all the reptiles, fish, amphibians, bugs and spiders that we use. Our programs are diverse in topic, educationally appropriate and a lot of fun. We feel that just being amusing isn't good enough for a school show, there has to be scientific content.

Snake Scales
United States

Article from Wikipedia discussing the morphology, nomenclature, arrangement and importance of snake scales.

Fishes and Scales
United States

Photographic study by Jean-Marie Cavanihac on fish scales and also many photographs of developing fish embryos, with video clips.

Scales & Tails Rescue
United States

Online nonprofit animal adoption and animal rescue place for ferrets, iguanas, reptiles, and herps.

United States

Includes snake dinner, defecation, tales, photos, and more.

Backyard Snakes
United States

Introduction to snake life in an average North American backyard. Sections on classification, snake adaptations, identification tips, and venomous species.

Japanese snakes

Provides photographs and information on the snakes found in Japan, with a searchable database.

Flying Snakes
United States

Information on flying snakes (Chrysopelea), including videos of flight behavior and links.

United States

From the Utah State University Cooperative Extension. Includes information on the species found in the state, their biology and behavior, legal status and control. [PDF]

Venomous Snakes

Find general information about several species including copperhead, coral, cobra, cottonmouth, rattle, and sea snakes. Includes photographs.

Snakes in Pennsylvania
United States

Not only information and photos of the snakes found in Pennsylvania, but also information about all snakes in general.