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Ecology's journey to The Wilbury - Florida Flambeau

Florida Flambeau
On Friday, Feb. 2, Ecology played a show at The Wilbury with national touring band, Dynamo. Before I get in depth with the concert I should mention that my deep love for Ecology stems from high school idolization. When I first became friends with Ryan ...

US Ecology, Inc. (ECOL) on Focus After Trading At 52-Week Highs - BZ Weekly

BZ Weekly
Louisiana State Employees Retirement stated it has 0.02% of its portfolio in US Ecology, Inc. (NASDAQ:ECOL). 2.64 million are held by Blackrock Inc. Morgan Stanley has 0% invested in US Ecology, Inc. (NASDAQ:ECOL). Us Savings Bank De has 3,995 shares ...
Frisco Fastball
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Letters: Reign in Ecology - Longview Daily News

Longview Daily News
Thank you to our elected representatives, elected officials and union representatives from trades and labor who stood together to address the Department of Ecology failures last week. Reps. Jim Walsh and Brian Blake, and Sen. Dean Takko announced their ...

Soil ecology - Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

San Francisco - United States

Information from Wikipedia on the study of the interactions among soil organisms, the features of the ecosystem, the soil food web, and research into this biological community.

Bioinformatics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United States

Information from Wikipedia on this branch of biology which involves the use or development of techniques, including applied mathematics, informatics, statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, chemistry, and biochemistry to solve biological problems, usually on the molecular level.

Bryophyte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United States

The bryophytes are those land plants that have tissues and enclosed reproductive systems but lack vascular tissue that circulates liquids. They neither flower nor produce seeds but reproduce via spores.

Keiki - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United States

Explanation of the asexual reproduction common in Phalaenopsis

Vanilla - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United States

Encyclopedic article on Vanilla

Malacology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United States

Information from Wikipedia on the study of mollusks, with a list of societies and journals.

Soil Ecology Section
United States

The Soil Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America seeks to promote an understanding of the importance of soil biota among ecologists, soil scientists, and members of related disciplines, to encourage education and research in soil ecology, to sponsor meetings and publications for the communication of research and educational activities in soil ecology, and to increase student participation in the Society.

Soil and Ecosystem Ecology
United Kingdom

Research projects and publications (Lancaster University, UK).

Soil Ecology and Restoration Group
United States

Primary focus is on soils and below-ground processes in arid and semiarid ecosystems with emphasis on microbial ecology and plant-microorganism relationships (San Diego State University, University of California Riverside, USA).

Soil Ecology Society (SES)
United States

The Soil Ecology Society (SES) is an international organization of researchers, students, environmental professionals and others interested in the advancement and promotion of soil biology and ecology. The SES holds a biannual conference that addresses contemporary issues in the field of soil ecology, which provides a forum for soil ecologists, soil scientists, teachers of soil ecology, and members of related disciplines to share original res

Soil Ecology By Dr J Floor Anthoni
New Zealand

Dr J Floot Anthoni explains how the soil works, what lives there and how nutrients are recycled.