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Visitors to Earth Day & Energy Fair have fun while learning how to be good to their planet -
The exhibits mainly focused on themes related to clean energy and sustainability, and included information on everything from biochar to solar energy, and from global warming to native flora and fauna. Jenny Carloni was manning a booth for the Douglas ...

Rocky Mountain Power's incremental evolution - pv magazine USA

pv magazine USA
Rocky Mountain Power's incremental evolution. Rocky Mountain Power's 20 year Integrated Resource Plan has been accepted by Idaho regulators. The plan calls for more wind and solar, greater efficiency, and very little net demand growth. April 17, 2018 ...

Pet talk: Snakes as pets - Bryan-College Station Eagle

Bryan-College Station Eagle
Clay Carabajal holds Florida kingsnake Monday afternoon while a group of children pet the snake at the Clara B. Mounce Public Library in Bryan. Carabajal is an animal ambassador with SeaWorld in San Antonio. He was joined on Monday by another animal ...

Solar Snake Repellers

Airlie Beach, Queensland - Australia

Solar snake repellers are used to deter snakes from around the home. The problem is these slithery reptiles are attracted to our homes and properties and that is because they know that free board and lodgings are on offer at most human habitats. If you have rats, mice or other vermin, you will likely have snakes too. They love to hide, except when they are sunning themselves or out hunting.

Collaborative Study of Geophysical Constraints on Sea-Ice Bacteria: Implications for Life on Ice-Covered Solar Bodies
United States

Presents the preliminary results and images of work carried out by the Geophysical Institute's Floating Ice Group as part of a project supported through NSF's Life in Extreme Environments (LExEn) Program.

United States

Comprehensive information from Wikipedia on this large group of legless reptiles found on every continent except Antarctica.

What's That Snake?
United States

Guide to the snakes of Ohio, with images and range maps.

Snake Scales
United States

Article from Wikipedia discussing the morphology, nomenclature, arrangement and importance of snake scales.

Snake Estate
United States

Provides a snake database with detailed information on many species including a photograph, description, range, habitat, behavior, reproduction and suitability for being kept in captivity.

Water Snake
United States

Water snakes in the genus Nerodia are non-venomous colubrid snakes found in North America. Includes details of the species, pictures, videos and references.

The Copperhead Snake
United States

Informational site about copperhead snakes, Agkistrodon spp, their bite, venom, life cycle and general ecology. Includes a short video.

Flying Snake
United States

Information on the Chrysopelea species which is found only in South and Southeast Asia. Includes video clips of flight behavior.

Snake Man, The
United States

Informal lectures, featuring live, non-venomous snakes; about sharing the truth on these mistreated, misunderstood reptiles.

Snake Bites

Assists with identification of Australian snakes, signs and symptoms, first aid, and medical management.