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Weight flux alters molecular profile, Stanford-led study finds - EurekAlert (press release)

EurekAlert (press release)
As people pack on pounds or shed excess weight, they exhibit notable changes in their microbiome, cardiovascular system, immune system and levels of gene expression, the study found. The researchers integrated a slew of "omics" profiling techniques to ...
The Scientist

Hacking Cell Biology to Reinvent Clothes - Pacific Standard

Pacific Standard
But those natural, biodegradable fibers have a downside too: derived from farmed plants and animals, they take a significant toll on the planet. So what if scientists could hack the biology within cells, and use them to make fibers? Think of the ...

Four-year-old children's knowledge about ecology: In their play ... - Science Daily

Science Daily
What do young children from diverse cultural communities think about the natural world? How does a child's existing knowledge and beliefs influence their subsequent learning? Questions like these have remained unanswered, largely because research in ...

Somerset Levels and Moors Natural Area

Leeds - United Kingdom

English Nature provides an introduction to these wetlands, their wildlife habitats and the main issues they face. [PDF]

Somerset Moth Group
United Kingdom

The group aims to record and study the moths of this area of the UK and to promote interest in these fascinating creatures.

The Impact of Environmental Levels of Aquatic Contaminants on Atlantic Salmon
United Kingdom

Research into the impact of agricultural pesticides on sensitive stages of the life history of Salmonids. [PDF]

Map of Biodiversity Levels of Karst Landforms in the United States
United States

Summarizes evaluations of biodiversity associated with caves and related features. [jpeg image]

Moths of the Ottawa Area
United States

Photographs by Lynn Scott of live moths in Dunrobin, Ontario, Canada.


Volunteer to conduct an area frog survey or just look over the wealth of information available here.

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
United States

50-acre partially wooded park designed to preserve the early southern garden in an environment that presents native plants in an attractive balance with traditional botanical garden elements. Dothan, Alabama, USA.

Bay Area Mycological Society
United States

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, group to educate the public about edible and poisonous wild mushrooms.

Bay Area Mycological Society
United States

This organisation provides mushroom information and activities and is based in the San Francisco Bay area. A detailed description of Amanita velosa with photographs.

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
United States
Baltimore/Washington D.C. Area Chapter
United States

Rescuing abandoned rabbits and finding them permanent homes.