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"American Eden: David Hosack, Botany, and Medicine in the Garden of the Early Republic" by Victoria Johnson - Santa Fe New Mexican

Santa Fe New Mexican
The continent was, after all, abundant with undiscovered medicinal plants, and Hosack believed it would be possible for medical students to benefit from fieldwork experience with this New World botany. He named the 20-acre space on Fifth Avenue between ...

TTP plc Completes Expansion of Life Sciences Lab Facility for Desktop Biology Programmes - BioSpace (press release) (blog)

BioSpace (press release) (blog)
As our biological team has grown, this is something our clients have increasingly asked for. The expansion will work hand in hand with our molecular biology and bioengineering space – increasingly we are seeing programmes make use of the nearby ...

Brazil's plant biodiversity still not fully present in its seed banks -
Boasting 54 hectares (133 acres) and more than 7,000 trees and plants, it is a favorite spot for visitors to roam and discover some of Brazil's impressive biodiversity. But in addition to being a calming, beautiful green space for leisure, the Rio de ...

The Natural Evolution of Motorbike Dashboard Displays - Yanko Design - Form Beyond Function

Yanko Design - Form Beyond Function
Look at any dashboard on a motorbike and you'll see a few key elements that haven't really changed for decades. Occupying the most amount of space is undoubtedly the speedometer, followed by the fuel gauge… but ask yourself this. How often do you ...

Aspen Avionics Max-imizes Evolution Displays - Aviation International News

Aviation International News
The new Evolution Max displays retain the familiar Aspen format, a six-inch-diagonal screen with 400- by 760-pixel resolution designed to fit into the space occupied by traditional attitude indicators and directional gyros. The display is “bolder and ...

beesley's new sculptural environments employ artificial intelligence and synthetic biology - Designboom

philip beesley, professor in the school of architecture at the university of waterloo, and the living architecture systems (LAS) group present the exhibition 'philip beesley: transforming space.' the show, held at the royal ontario museum in toronto ...

Origami-inspired device helps marine biologists study aliens - Space Daily

Space Daily
New York NY (SPX) Jul 19, 2018 - Scientists have tried to find the safest and most effective ways to explore marine life in the oceanic water, the largest and least ...
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Astrobiology Web

Information about space life science, the search for extraterrestrial life, and the exploration of our solar system.


Links to information about thermophiles, halophiles, and other extremophiles both inside and outside of the domain Archaea.

Water Bears to Space Again
United States

A team competing for the Google Lunar X Prize floats an idea in December 2009 for launching dessicated tardigrades into ...

Marsbugs: The Electronic Astrobiology Newsletter
United States

Provides a channel of information for scientists, educators, and other persons interested in life sciences as they relate to planetary ...

'Water Bears' are First Animal to Survive Vacuum of Space
United Kingdom

News article reporting that tardigrades exposed to the harsh combination of low pressure and intense radiation found in space, have ...

Tiny water bears become first creatures to survive in space
United States

Daily Mail story about tardigrades surviving a trip in open space

Top 10 Things Launched Into Space in 2008
United States

Wired story about 2008 space launch cargo, including tardigrades

Hardy Li'l Critters will be First Tested in Open Space

News entry in the Boing Boing blog about tardigrades in space.

Tardigrades in Space
United States

TARDIS, a research project evaluating the ability of tardigrades to survive in open space conditions.

American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology
United States

A number of Life Science disciplines (from molecular biology to cell physiology) studied in experimental space conditions.

United States

Description of rotating wall vessel, to encourage multiple-cell-thick culture, for studies simulating weightless conditions aboard space Shuttle, Mir, and International ...

American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology
United States

Fosters research, education, training, and development in gravitational and space biology.

World's Hardiest Organisms to Face 3 Years in Space
United States

News from Popular Mechanics that a Russian spaceship that will visit one of Mars' moons will carry tardigrades and some ...

The Astrobiology Web
United States

Astrobiology Web. An online guide to the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the Universe as well as all ...

Astrobiology Society of Britain

'Astrobiology' is the term that covers a broad set of questions linking biological and space sciences. These questions range from understanding ...

The Stanford Astrobiology Course
United States

Astrobiology is at once one of the newest of scientific meta-disciplines, while at the same time encompassing some of our ...

Forest Ecosystem Dynamics
United States

Research on modeling and monitoring ecosystem processes and patterns in response to natural and anthropogenic effects.

Westhof Laboratory

Visualize of the structures adopted by RNA in space by many different technmiques, at the University of Strasbourg, France.

Anise Swallowtail (Papilio zelicaon)
United States

Image of this species in Windy Hill Open space Preserve, California.

Huntsville Botanical Garden
United States

Merges the beauty of nature with the technology of the surrounding scientific community (the U.S. space and Rocket Center).

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