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Speciation, or the evolution of new species from ancestral species, is a process made complicated by various factors, such as the changing climate, geographical, and topographical features. These factors can all lead to the splitting or isolation of ...


Biology Century: Speciation
United States

Covers what a species is, modes of speciation, and rates of speciation.

Observed Instances of Speciation
United States

FAQ discussing several instances where speciation has been observed.

Evolution 101: Speciation
United States

Allows readers to explore different ways to define a species and learn about the various processes through which speciation can ...

Carole Smadja
United Kingdom

Publications and research interests, which include the mechanisms of speciation and the role of selection in the formation of new ...

Wikipedia: Speciation
United States

Hyperlinked article about the appearance of a new species of life.

Models of Speciation
United States

Historical phenomenon that is a fundamental issue in evolutionary biology.

United States

Addresses the question: What is a species, and what are the different ways it can be defined?

Hellhole: The Marine Speciation and Molecular Evolution Lab of Michael E. Hellberg
United States

With information on tegula, corals, bryozoas, strombids, and acanthinucella.

Ensatina eschscholtzi: Speciation in Progress
United States

Classic example of Darwinian evolution. This lungless salamander is now in the process of splitting into two or more species ...

Speciation and Biodiversity: Interview With Edward O. Wilson
United States

Discussion about how the formation of new species can happen relatively quickly; however it process cannot keep up with the ...

Kimball's Biology Pages: Speciation
United States

Outlines to role of geographic isolation, ecological opportunity, hybridization, competition, and adaptive radiation in the formation of new species.

Principles of Evolution & Systematics

Dr. Steven M. Carr's lecture notes addressing natural selection, mutation, variation, speciation, patterns in the fossil record, and related topics.

Bead Model of Speciation: A Demonstration
United States

Graphic depiction of a model of an evolutionary branching process described by Martin L. Weitzman in Biodiversity Loss: Economic and ...

Mechanisms of Arsenic Hyperaccumulation in Pteris vittata.
United States

Uptake kinetics, interactions with phosphate, and arsenic speciation. Abstract of article in Plant Physiology 130(3) November 2002.

Elementary Evolutionary Biology
United States

Notes on basic population genetics, frequency dependent selection, sexual selection, mitochondrial DNA, mimicry, speciation, and related topics.

Species, Speciation, and the Environment
United States

Article by Niles Eldredge outlining how environment change plays a major role in the evolution of species.

Wikipedia: Adaptive Radiation
United States

Hyperlinked article about adaptive radiation, the rapid speciation of a single or a few species to fill many ecological niches.

United States

Links to reports, articles, and books dedication to the subject of speciation.

Speciation in Rapidly Diverging Systems: Lessons From Lake Malawi
United States

Examines the cichlid fishes of Lake Malawi, which have radiated from a single ancestor into more than 400 species over ...

Biology Century
United States

Presents a summary of knowledge of the Biological Sciences as we enter the 21st century and introduces users to the ...

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