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Fires spark biodiversity criticism of Sweden's forest industry - Phys.Org

Non-governmental organisations warn that there are considerable challenges to ensuring biodiversity for plants and animals amid the fight against global warming. One in 10 species in the country's forests is on the red list of the Swedish Species ...

Hundreds of species unlikely to survive biodiversity collapse - scientists - Newshub

A devastating collapse in global biodiversity is imminent, scientists say, warning hundreds of species may not survive. An international team have published a major study in the journal Nature, saying we must make urgent changes to our approach to ...

Adorable New Shark Species Named After Trailblazing Marine ... - Gizmodo

Say hello to Squalus clarkae, otherwise known as Genie's dogfish. This newly identified species of deepwater shark was named in honor of Eugenie Clark, ...
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Fox News

What else the border wall would keep out: biodiversity - Big Think (blog)

Big Think (blog)
A new study, published in the journal BioScience, claims that over 1,500 species of flora and fauna would be eradicated if this wall is erected. To date, nearly 2,800 scientists have signed a petition stating that this sort of environmental destruction ...

Hidden gem: Exploring an unspoiled natural retreat - The Daily Progress

The Daily Progress
Fortune's Cove lies along the Piedmont and Blue Ridge regions of Virginia and hosts “a unique collection of fauna from both areas,” according to the Nature Conservancy website. The combination of plant species within the preserve is “extremely rare ...

Meet the Woman Making Ants the Next Big Thing in Biology - National Geographic

National Geographic
... their social interactions, and their evolutionary success. More broadly, Moreau's work might indirectly help us develop tools to answer bigger biological questions: how to control pests, how to promote helpful species, how to improve digestion and ...

Modeling the ecology and evolution of biodiversity: Biogeographical cradles, museums, and graves - Science Magazine

Science Magazine
The emergence, distribution, and extinction of species are driven by interacting factors—spatial, temporal, physical, and biotic. Rangel et al. simulated the past 800,000 years of evolution in South America, incorporating these factors into a ...


Endangered Species
United States

Spread the word about endangered species and increase public awareness! Endangered species is dedicated to providing all the best endangered ...

New Species News - ScienceDaily
United States

New species discoveries derived from today's biological surveys to fascinating finds in the fossil record.

World Wildlife Fund: Saving Rhinos in the Wild
United States

Outlines their conservation strategies and provides updates on the status of several species.

WWF: Marine Turtles
United States

Learn about the marine turtle life cycle and habitat, the WWF's Global Marine Turtle Programme, and conservation efforts for all ...

WWF Tiger Study
United States

Learn about the scientific study of tiger habitats that dentifies tiger conservation landscapes for range states and environmental organizations to ...

Endangered Species -- Encyclopedia Britannica
United States

Endangered species, any species of plant, animal, or other organism that is at risk of extinction because of a sudden ...

Hippeastrum Species and Species Hybrids
United States

Information on this genus and photographs of a great many species from the International Bulb Society.

Arisaema Species List
United States

Photo gallery of species from around the world, keys, species lists, bibliography, and other resources.

Scirpus Species
United States

General ecological profile of these species, also known as bulrushes. Includes photographs. From the Florida Center for Aquatic and Invasive ...

PIERC Wildlife Health Hawaiian Honeycreeper
United States

Features the report "Impacts of Introduced Avian Diseases on the Decline and Extinction of Native Hawaiian Honeycreepers".

WWF: Endangered Wildlife
United States

World Wildlife Fund's interactive endangered species website, teaching people about the plight of tigers, pandas, rhinos, whales, and other species ...

Prominent Hominid Fossils
United States

The list is sorted by species, going from older to more recent species. Within each species, finds are sorted by ...

Spiders of the Netherlands

Database of species occurring in the Netherlands, arranged by family, genus, and species. Identification characteristics, as well as one or ...

United States

TES species management strategies designed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station, with online species profiles.

Species 2000
United Kingdom

Working to enumerate all known species of organisms on Earth (animals, plants, fungi, and microbes) as the baseline dataset for ...

National Audubon Society's Endangered Species Campaign
United States

Advocates the enforcement of the Endangered species Act, as well as changes to the ESA that facilitate the recovery of ...

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species Database
United States

Browse the IUCN Red List of Threatened species searchable database of species that are currently endandered or close to extinction. ...


Overview of the species' population size and distribution, migration routes, and breeding behavior.

Alberta's Endangered Species

Defines what endangered species are, which Alberta species are endangered, and what can be done to help them.

Belize Flora and Fauna
United States

Belize has one of the world's richest habitats for flora and fauna. No fewer than 4,000 different species of native ...

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