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2018 Litchfield Summer Gifted Academy - Hands On Zoology -
Claire Osborn (left) and Kiersten Stangle examine preserved brown recluse and black widow spiders in Hands on Zoology. The class also got to use dissection microscopes from Blackburn College to get a better look at insects, pond water and specimens ...

Spiders Use Atmospheric Electricity to Fly Hundreds of Miles -
“Many spiders balloon using multiple strands of silk that splay out in a fan-like shape, which suggests that there must be a repelling electrostatic force involved,” said lead author Dr. Erica Morley, an expert in sensory biophysics in the School of ...

PLOS Biology in the media – June - PLoS Blogs (blog)

PLoS Blogs (blog)
June has been a busy month at PLOS Biology and this month we've covered a whole spectrum of Biology from flying spiders, to getting your caffeine fix, regretful mice, long bone growth, and manatee balls. Image credit: Moonsung Cho. If spiders weren't ...


Black Widow Spiders and Other Spiders of Medical Importance
United States

Brief information on the black widow and brown recluse; links to related web sites.

Spiders of Belgium

Biology, ecology, life history, and images of spiders, as well as a key to Belgian spiders. In Flemish and English.

SEDL: Spiders
United States

Series of classroom lessons designed to help children appreciate the place spiders have in the world and lessen the fear ...

Spiders of Kaweah River Delta Region
United States

Photos and descriptions of the spiders found in the central California region.

Spiders of Turkey

Includes the full checklist for Turkey, photographs, general properties of spiders, poisonous spiders, and list of spider families.

Common Spiders in Japan

Line drawings, photos, and notes by Mikio Sekine. Also short articles on various insects.

Black Widow Spiders
United States

Description, habits, and life cycle.

Darla Kay's Spiders
United States

See spider photographs and art by DK Sanders-Weatherford and Jon Zawislak. Also learn about spider hoaxes and find links to ...

Baboon spiders of South Africa
United States

A short article of the online magazine Science in Africa that describes the South African baboon spiders (tarantulas) and gives ...

Spiders of Northwest Europe

Images and descriptions of over 220 species commonly found in northwestern Europe, especially the area between the Netherlands and the ...


Easily distinguished from other spiders by their unique eye arrangement, their eight eyes are arranged in three rows.

Ants, Beetles and Spiders
United States

Article by David Richman on the mimicry adopted by some spiders in the order Araneae making them resemble certain unpalatable ...

Victorian Spiders

Guide to identifying spiders around the house in garden in the State of Victoria.

Jumping Spiders
United States

Information on these spiders and photographs of a number of species found in Kentucky.

Nick's Spiders

Collection of photographs and information about British and European spiders.

United States

Identification guide to common and poisonous spiders of the state.


Information on these spiders and their behavior and a photograph of Cyrba algerina.

Daddy-Longlegs, Vibrating or Cellar Spiders

An illustrated introduction to the famously leggy spiders.

Brisbane Insects and Spiders

Photos and notes on insects and spiders in Brisbane, Australia.

Nick's Spiders

Large photo gallery and notes about the spiders of Britain, Europe, and North America.

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