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Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre immune system discovery | Herald ... - Herald Sun

Herald Sun
IMMUNE cells typically kill cancer cells like a sniper. A direct injection of toxin into this foreign cell ends its life. But Melbourne researchers have found another ...

Cure for the common cold? Scientists say this chemical compound 'stops common cold in its tracks' - Atlanta Journal Constitution

Atlanta Journal Constitution
... infections in patients with existing lung conditions, such as asthma and cystic fibrosis," Peter Barlow, associate professor of immunology and infection at Edinburgh Napier University and spokesperson for the British Society for Immunology, told ...

Sonoma Valley Trails: May 12-20 - Sonoma Index-Tribune

Sonoma Index-Tribune
May 19, 9 a.m. join botanist Peter Warner in a “Fire Follower Flower Walk” at Sugarloaf, a three or four-mile hike until about 1 p.m. Observe and discuss the various effects of fire and its chemical byproducts on the flora (and fauna) across several ...

Steiner, Peter

Kowloon - Hong Kong

Specializes in metabolic engineering, Includes curriculum vitae, work history and list of publications. Also, has photos of Switzerland and hobbies.

Peter Dayan
United Kingdom

Builds mathematical and computational models of neural processing, with a particular emphasis on representation and learning. The main focus is on reinforcement learning and unsupervised learning, covering the ways that animals come to choose appropriate actions in the face of rewards and punishments, and the ways and goals of the process by which they come to form neural representations of the world. The models are informed and constrained by ne

Peter Kovacs

Research focuses mainly on the neuronal background of obesity.

Peter Lansbury
United States

From the Center for Neurologic Diseases and Laboratory for Drug Discovery in Neurodegeneration at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

Peter Latham
United Kingdom

Computational neuroscience and neural coding.

Peter's Seashells

Web site devoted to the study of mollusks, particularly from British Columbia .

Solymos, Peter
United States

Hungarian scientist at the University of Alberta, Canada. Research, publications and data with an emphasis on malacology.

Pixie and Peter Pan

Stories and pictures of two kitties.

Peter Cheung's Research Lab

Research on histones, chromatin, gene expression and epigenetics, in Toronto, Canada.

Peter's Tube-nosed Bat (Murina grisea)
United Kingdom

Fact sheet from EDGE on this species known only from a single specimen from northern India.

Peter Large's Microbiology and Plant Peroxidase Page
United Kingdom

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