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Comments Sought in Regular Review of Provost - Duke Today

Duke Today
Other members are: Emily Bernhardt (Nicholas School of the Environment), Kyle Cavanaugh (Administration), Henri Gavin (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Thomas Gorrie (Trustee), Stephen Lisberger (Neurobiology), Paul McClain (The Graduate School ...

Evolution Deniers Are Mad at Wikipedia for “Censoring” Intelligent Design - Patheos (blog)

Patheos (blog)
It is a theory of evolution, of why the forms of life originated and changed over the past 3.9 billion years. An alternative to the increasingly shaky neo-Darwinian theory of blind churning, it argues exclusively in scientific terms, never from ...

Letter to the Editor: Logic and biology don't always come together - Tulsa World

Tulsa World
I applaud U.S. District Judge Stephen Friot's offer to suggest sterilization to convicted criminal Summer Creel ("Admitted meth user with 7 kids gets sterilization treatment after federal judge in counterfeit check case suggests it," Feb. 7) and would ...

Stephen J. Gould: Darwinian Fundamentalism

Beaverton - United States

Review by Stephen Jay Gould critiques philosopher Daniel Dennett's book "Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life."

Wikipedia: Stephen Jay Gould
United States

Article follows the life of one of America's most popular science writers.

United States

An interview with Scott Rosenberg.

Unofficial Stephen Jay Gould Archive, The
United States

Makes public a selection of the author's scientific work, and other broad interests.

Stephen Jay Gould, From Brachiopods to Baseball
United States

Interview with the scientist about evolution, the overratedness of dinosaurs, and his second love - baseball.

Stephen Jay Gould, Evolution Theorist, Dies at 60
United States

2002 obituary from the New York Times. Registration required.

Stanford Presidential Lectures: Stephen Jay Gould
United States

Provides an overview of the American scientist's life and thought. Includes a bibliography and quotes.

Danny Yee's Book Reviews: Stephen Jay Gould
United States

Features reviews for such books as Bully for Brontosaurus and Dinosaur in a Haystack.

A Post-Darwinian Probabilistic Model

A probabilistic model of biological evolution with a new interpretation of Darwinian natural selection and 3 examples: 1) 5 mass extinctions 2) hominization 3) the PO2PAL increase.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Genetic Signature for Darwinian Evolution
United States

Article on research by geneticist David Moore and colleagues who examined the evolution of the cane toad's ability to resist its own deadly toxin.

Stephen Grossberg
United States

Vision, audition, language, learning and memory, reward and motivation, cognition, development, sensory-motor control, mental disorders, applications.