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Kauffman girls graduate from different schools during busy May - Daily American Online

Daily American Online
Twenty-one-year-old Melanie Kauffman graduated May 6 from Waynesburg University with a bachelor's in forensic science, 28-year-old Karlina Kauffman graduated May 21 from Yale University with a doctorate in cell biology and 17-year-old Natalie ...

Stuart A. Kauffman

York - United Kingdom

Reviews of books, papers and articles by this American theoretical biologist and researcher into the origin of life on Earth.

Stuart Spray Wildlife Consultancy
United Kingdom

Offers expert advice on conservation issues, habitat management, and protected species surveys in Southern Scotland and the North of England.

Stuart Spray Wildlife Consultancy
United Kingdom

We provide protected species consultancy, mitigation, training and research throughout Scotland and northern England including Lancashire, Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway, Lanarkshire, Dumbartonshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirlingshire, Perthshire and Invernesshire. Stuart Spray Wildlife Consultancy specialises in protected species survey, mitigation, training and research and offers expert advice on a range of conservation issues such as licensing