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A Natural in Neuroscience - Hamilton College News

Hamilton College News
As she nears graduation, neuroscience major Allison Mogul '18 already has some significant accomplishments on her resume, namely published research in the Journal of Neurobiology of Learning and Memory and presentation of her findings at the Society ...

Mom of five earns degree in biochemistry from Goshen College - Goshen News

Goshen News
An added blessing, she said, is that she got her biochemistry degree from Goshen College, whose graduates of that program are highly sought after. In the next year, Miller will do internships in the medical field and then she'll move on to premed. She ...

Conservation Biologist Ben Collen Dies of Bone Cancer - The Scientist

The Scientist
He went on to earn a master's degree at the University of York and then a PhD from the Institute of Zoology and Imperial College London, according to his lab's website. He continued his research as a postdoc and, later, a research fellow at the ...

Swarthmore College

Swarthmore - United States

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    Swarthmore College :: Biology :: At Swarthmore College, learning about biology is doing biology.

Swarthmore College - Department of Biology
United States

Overview of the department, programs of study, faculty, course descriptions, research, facilities, and news.

Wilson College
United States

Listing of majors, minors, faculty, student research, projects and future vision for biology at Wilson College, Pennsylvania.

College of Charleston
United States
United States

Provides a basic knowledge of biology, ecology, physiology, genetics, taxonomy, and conservation of living organisms.

Colby College
United States
Skidmore College
United States
Haverford College
United States
Lafayette College
United States
Muhlenberg College
United States
Linfield College
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