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Gene in Worms Could Be Key to Longer Human Lifespan - Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun
Sylvia Lee, molecular biology and genetics, may have discovered such an elixir in the soils of Ithaca. Her research indicates the secret of immortality may be hidden in the genome of a worm. Lee found that Caenorhabditis elegans, a common species of ...

Sylvia Earle, Ph.D.

Irving - United States

Offers a profile, biography, and interview with the marine biologist, undersea explorer, and environmentalist.

United States

Biography chronicling her life as a marine biologist, explorer, and author.

United States

Includes a brief biography and a selection of Earle's favorite web sites.

Heroes for the Planet: Sylvia Earle
United States

Article on the marine biologist known as "Her Deepness."