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Port Botany's transport woes considered in 10-year plan - Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph
In seeking feedback on its NSW Draft Freight and Ports Plan, the government has prioritised roads and rail access to Port Botany over a 10-year timeline. The decade-long objective promises to complete a duplication of the Port Botany rail line, upgrade ...

Another break in at Botany - Times Online - Auckland

Times Online - Auckland
Vodafone in Botany Town Centre was struck by vandals early Tuesday morning. Glass was visibly shattered and the store was cordoned off with crime tape at the open of business on Tuesday. A police spokesperson said police were alerted to a break in at a ...

Century-old botany records may hold key to monarch butterfly survival - Phys.Org

An adult monarch butterfly rests on blooming milkweed. Jack Boyle, a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow of Environmental Science and Policy at William & Mary, has been using the web to mine millions of century-old botany records to track abundance …more ...

Systematic Botany

Monterey Park - United States

Journal of American Society of Plant Taxonomists. Editors, information for authors, tables of contents and abstracts.

Australian Systematic Botany

A journal for publication of research on taxonomy, biogeography, and evolution of all plant groups.

Australian Systematic Botany Society

homepage for Australian systematic botany society, news, conferences and publications.

United States

Research into the systematics of fungi and vascular plants essential to solving problems in sustainable and conventional agriculture. Includes interactive keys for several genera. U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Field Systematic Botany - Pteridophytes: an Overview
United States

A detailed introduction to the ferns and fern allies.

University of South Florida - Institute for Systematic Botany
United States

Established in 1990 with the mission to promote basic research in plant systematics.

University of South Florida - Institute for Systematic Botany
United States

Provides information about the herbarium, projects, distribution maps of vascular plants in Florida, and links.

United States

Guide to online insect resources from North Carolina State University.

Systematic Entomology Laboratory
United States

United States Department of Agriculture website that provides research, products and data on a wide variety insects.

Bibliography of Systematic Mycology
United Kingdom

On-line and in print list of papers and books on all aspects of the taxonomy of fungi for each year.

Society of Systematic Biologists
United States

Advancing of the science of systematic biology in all its aspects of theory, principles, methodology, and practice, for both living and fossil organisms.