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Losing Biodiversity Could Lead to “Extinction Cascades” - Futurism

Human expansion, destruction of natural habitats, pollution, and climate change have all led to biodiversity levels that are considered below the “safe” threshold for global ecosystems. And the consequences of biodiversity loss aren't just about the ...

Campus saddened by loss of biochemistry professor - GCU Today

GCU Today
The College of Science, Engineering and Technology's faculty lead in biochemistry, Dr. Tiffany Mealman, is being remembered for her dedication to her students, her positive attitude and her strong faith. By Lana Sweeten-Shults GCU News Bureau. If ...

Decoding the structure of huntingtin - Science Daily

Science Daily
They lead to an incorrect form of the correspondent protein. With the help of cryo-electron microscopy researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried and Ulm University have now decoded the three-dimensional, molecular ...

Take the Lead

Wayne - United States

Take the Lead is a nonprofit organization "dedicated to provide direct services, support and care for all qualified participants in the sport of dogs who suffer from the devastating realities of life-threatening or terminal illnesses."

University of Hawaii Astrobiology Lead Team
United States

Tracing the history of water from its formation in the ISM to incorporation in the solar system, how it reaches the terrestrial planets, and its role in life.