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The scientific study of marine life is referred to as marine biology. It classifies living things based on the environment rather than taxonomy. Plant and animal life forms are included from the microscopic organisms to the blue whale which is the ...


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Information from Wikipedia on the practice and science of classification, the arrangement of organisms in a hierarchical structure.


A package of SAS macros for target discovery, detection of subphenotype and genetic heterogeneity. Can use an unlimited numbers of markers in a single multivariate analysis.

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Taxonomy: Organisms are classified in a hierarchical tree structure. Our taxonomy database contains every node (taxon) of the tree. UniProtKB taxonomy data is manually curated: next to manually verified organism names, we provide a selection of external links, organism strains and viral host information. Visit the web site to obtain further information.

The Taxonomy of the Aplacophora
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Information on these deep-sea mollusks and their anatomy, with photographs of several species.

Rhizobia Taxonomy
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Provides an up-to-date taxonomy on this group of bacteria, important in a field where genus and species names have changed rapidly.

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Lists the separate species of the genus, in their sections, and illustrated with photographs of the spikelets and florets.

NCBI Taxonomy
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Searchable and browsable taxonomy tree of organisms for which there are publicly available gene sequences.

Taxonomy of Lolium
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Indicates the place of the genus in a taxonomic tree, with botanic detail and drawings of plant and inflorescence.

Taxonomy Warehouse
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Everything You Need to Know About Taxonomy in One Place. This free online information resource is all about taxonomy: Content and links to everything you need to know about taxonomy in one convenient website. Explore our subject-oriented directory of taxonomies and their publishers; peruse blogs and events about taxonomies; discover taxonomy books and standards; research taxonomy software products; and connect with experts and consulting services

Taxonomy of Woody Plants
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Links on woody plant taxonomy including original identification keys to major genera.

Evolution, Biology and Taxonomy
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Provides articles on the history of the theory of evolution and the basics of biological evolution. Includes forums only available to members.