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Buzz Continues Over STING Inhibitors - Cancer Network

Cancer Network
In 2013, Zhijian “James” Chen, MD, who is a professor of molecular biology and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at the University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, and colleagues identified a new sensor of innate ...

Pilot Training Next lands at Sheppard AFB - Robins Rev Up

Robins Rev Up
Students from the Pilot Training Next Program conduct drag training at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas, March 2, 2018. This training simulates a parachute dragging the pilot on the ground after landing. The goal of this training is to familiarize pilots ...

Two Biology Freshmen Win Summer Research Fellowships - Marymount Manhattan College News

Marymount Manhattan College News
David Gonzales and Ashley Pavia will participate in the prestigious Research Experience for Undergraduates summer program at Texas A&M University. Two MMC freshmen, David Gonzales and Ashley Pavia, have been awarded prestigious summer fellowships to ...

Texas A&M Bulleting L-1223: Chiggers

College Station - United States

Biology, identification, and information on reducing the itching caused by bites.

United States

Illustrated fact sheet from Ohio State University.

United States

Chiggers are the larvae of mites belonging to the family Trombiculidae. This article describes their biology, their preferred habitat and control measures.

United States

Brief article about the identification, biology, and control of chiggers found in Texas, as well as treatment for chigger bites.

Itchy Chiggers
United States

University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension factsheet and audio message on the biology and control of chiggers, which are the larvae of the harvest mite, Trombicula alfreddugesi.

HowStuffWorks: What are Chiggers and how do they bite?
United States
Trombicula sp: Chiggers, Jiggers, Harvest Mites or Red Bugs
United States

Illustrations of these pests, with information on their hosts, their description, life cycle and control.

Texas Entomology
United States

Complied by Mike Quinn, this site features extensive links to general entomology and Lepidoptera-specific resources.

The Texas Zoo
United States

Victoria. Hours, directions, news articles, photo gallery, and electronic postcards.

United States

Image gallery, distribution maps, checklist, and key.

Texas Bats
United States

Full checklist of 32 species, with links to detailed species accounts.