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IgE in skin stress surveillance -
IgE is an ancient immunoglobulin but its true function is still a matter of debate. Previously proposed functions for IgE include a crucial role in protection against helminths and in host defence against noxious environmental substances, such as venoms.

Snake entombed in amber offers insights into early serpent evolution -
July 19 (UPI) -- Paleontologists have discovered a snake embryo in a 105-million-year-old amber fossil, the first of its kind. The find has offered scientists important insights into the evolution of modern snakes. "This snake is linked to ancient ...
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Missing bones and our understanding of ancient biodiversity - Science Daily

Science Daily
Could it be that our understanding of past biodiversity is simply related to the quality of fossil material in different geological rock formations through time? This question relates to a fundamental debate within palaeontology about the quality and ...

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Santa Rosa - United States

Dedicated to the oldest-known living tree, growing in the White Mountains in east central California. Information about the location, dendrochronology, photo gallery, and bibliography.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine
United States

Talks about their discovery by Dr. Edmund Schulman, range of distribution, and their unique strategies for survival.

Ancient Bristlecone Pine
United States

An exploration of this tree of western North America, consisting of two species (Pinus longaeva and P. aristata), including characteristics, dendrochronology, photos, and information on visiting sites where it grows.

Bristlecone Pine Dendrochronology
United States

A look at the dating of trees from the White-Inyo mountain range of California.

Pinus longaeva (Bristlecone Pine)
United States

Description, range, habitat and biology of this endangered tree.

Abies bracteata (Bristlecone Fir)
United States

Describes physical characteristics and provides photos of mature tree, twig, needles, and bark.

Ancient Biomolecules
United Kingdom

Publishes articles about the discovery of previously undetected molecules in ancient biological material, stability studies, characterization of decay products and pathways. Full articles available at a fee from Ingenta.

The Ancient Yew
United Kingdom

Information about yew trees, their history and culture.

Cicadas in Ancient Greece
United States

Offers a survey of facts and beliefs.

Ancient Farmers of the Amazon
United States

Watch the video segment from PBS's Evolution: "Evolutionary Arms Race," that illustrates the coevolution of the leafcutter ant and the fungi on which it feeds.

Sciadopitys verticillata (Umbrella-Pine, Japanese Umbrella-Pine)
United States

Describes habitat, habit and form, identifying features, flowers, fruit, and bark. Includes photos.